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Former Presidents


Dr. Peggy Moch
Valdosta State University
To contact a member of the Executive Council, please e-mail membership@kdp.org or call KDP Headquarters at 1-800-284-3167.

* denotes deceased

W. W. Denton (1915–1917)*
University of Illinois

Frank E. Thompson (1917–1919)*

University of Colorado

William Chandler Bagley (1919–1924)*
University of Illinois

Thomas C. McCracken (1924–1948)*
Ohio University

William McKinley Robinson (1948–1950)*
Western Michigan University

Frank L. Wright (1950–1953)*
Washington University

Katherine Vickery (1953–1958)*
University of Montevallo

John J. Harton (1958–1964)*
California State University–Fresno

Gerald H. Read (1964–1966)*
Kent State University

Esther McKune (1966–1968)*
SUNY College at Oneonta

W. A. Stumpf (1968–1970)*
Duke University

Lorrene Love Ort (1970–1972)*
Bowling Green State University

Frank E. Marsh (1972–1974)*
Northeastern University

A. Keith Turkett (1974–1976)*
East Tennessee State University

Clementine A. Skinner (1976–1978)*
Chicago, Illinois

Richard L. Judd (1978–1980)
Central Connecticut State University

O. L. Davis Jr. (1980–1982)
The University of Texas at Austin

Jerry Robbins (1982–1984)
Eastern Michigan University
W. Ross Palmer (1984–1986)
University of Alabama

Marcella L. Kysilka (1986–1988)
University of Central Florida

Bruce Jorgensen (1988–1990)*
LaVerne, California

John R. Petry (1990–1992)

University of Memphis

George L. Mehaffy (1992–1994)
Eastern New Mexico University

Wallace D. Draper (1994–1996)
Ball State University

F. Morgan Simpson (1996–1998)*
Auburn University at Montgomery

Barbara D. Day (1998–2000)
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Janette K. Rogers (2000–2002)

Northeastern State University

Blossom Nissman (2002–2004)
Georgian Court College

John D. Light (2004–2006)*
Union University

Karen Nicholson (2006–2008)

Manhattan College

Pamela Kramer Ertel (2008–2010)
East Stroudsburg University

Nathan Bond (2010–2012)
Texas State University

Mary C. Clement (2012–2014)
Berry College

Dr. Elizabeth A. Wilkins (2014–2016)
Northern Illinois University
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