Calling all KDP members to vote!  
Dear KDP Member,

The KDP Public Policy Committee is publishing this five-part series to inform you about the presidential parties' positions on education.

In each piece, we will focus on one of the following issues: standards and standardized testing, financing a college education, support for teachers, access to a quality education, and the globalization of the workforce. As a committee, we believe that these issues represent the most important ones educators are facing today.

This second edition is on financing a college education.

To maintain an impartial stance, we present direct excerpts from the parties' platforms. We encourage KDP members to conduct their own analyses of the positions held by the parties as well as their candidates before making their voices heard on November 8th.

Are you registered to vote?
States require citizens to register to vote. The deadlines for registration generally close 4–6 weeks before the November 8th election. Click here to register to vote.

Why should educators vote?
Watch this video clip of Dr. Terry Smith, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Honors Program at Columbia College, share why all educators should vote in the upcoming election.

Below, you will find the parties' positions on financing a college education.
*Note: The parties are listed in alphabetical order.