Starting an International Chapter

Establishing a Kappa Delta Pi Community of Educators or Chapter
Outside of the United States

Kappa Delta Pi members value the important benefits that derive from the knowledge and collaboration of diverse educators and actively reach out to grow the KDP community to include educators from all nations.
Benefits of a Kappa Delta Pi Chapter:
Collaboration with some of the most successful education leaders in practice, research, higher education, administration, and government;
Support for teaching excellence, scholarship, and leadership while working toward the improvement of the education of the world’s people;
Recognition and rewards for an individual’s scholarship and contributions in education; and
Opportunities to foster knowledge in education and teaching practices by hosting educational programs.
Guidelines for Establishing a Chapter Outside of the United States
1. A minimum number of 15 educators are needed to establish a new chapter. The chapter is responsible for one initiation of new members each year. An international chapter may elect to be either an initiation-only chapter or to host professional development programs or research collaboration.
2. Chapter is responsible for paying the chapter’s chartering cost of $200 U.S. dollars (a one-time fee) and the international dues for each new member inducted into the chapter. (KDP Headquarters will utilize a sliding scale based on World Bank income levels when appropriate.) Chapters needing financial assistance should contact KDP at
3. Members will pay KDP international dues and may pay a chapter fee as established by the local chapter. Individuals who are designated as the local chapter leaders will determine the amount of local membership fees in accordance with local cultural expectations, business practices, and economic conditions. Chapter members should have an opportunity to approve all local fees. Chapters will send one payment to KDP Headquarters for all new members’ international dues only. All payments will be in U.S. currency. Any additional fees paid by local members remain in the chapter treasury.
4. Membership requirements
  A. University students whose academic performance is in the top quintile of all students in the education program are eligible for membership.
  B. Educators who have earned advanced degrees are eligible for membership or those who have successfully completed the first 25 percent of the advanced degree requirements.
  C. Practicing educators/administrators who have received a local award or distinction, or have a letter of recommendation/commendation from an administrator or department chair are eligible for membership.
5. Chapters may be established in an education unit that is an integral part of a college or university and that grants a baccalaureate or higher degree for completion of the teaching program or is in an accredited school according to local laws and requirements.
  A. Chapters must provide endorsement/support for the establishment of the chapter from the appropriate university and school of education administrators as part of the application process.
  B. Only colleges or universities holding an accreditation from a recognized accrediting body are eligible to house a chapter. If there is no accreditation system in place in the potential chapter’s country, evidence of the program’s quality and school governing body must be provided.
Basic Process for Developing a Chapter:
Request materials by e-mailing
Establish interest and gain support to form an honor society in education. For long-term sustainability, the chapter needs to have 20–50 members after one year.
Form a steering committee to identify potential members, designating 2–3 individuals who will serve as the leaders/spokespersons for the chapter and with KDP Headquarters.
Host an informational meeting for potential members.
Invite candidates to apply. Potential members may apply using a paper application that is available through the online KDP Store.
Host an induction ceremony and include an educational event or program that supports the purposes and goals of the Society.
Host another event or program, within one year of the induction ceremony, that supports the purposes and goals of the Society.
International Chapter Application
Basic Expectations for Chapters:
Hold one initiation each year.
Host at least one professional development or educational program/event per year.
Communicate the following annually with KDP Headquarters: individuals responsible for the chapter and their contact information and a report of the activities of the chapter.
If you have any questions, contact the Membership Department or call 800-284-3167.