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Membership and Chapter Services

Contact Us

The Membership and Chapter Services Department at KDP Headquarters is available to serve the needs of our members around the world. Contact one of our friendly staff members for help with any problem or question you may have.

Laura Perkins
Director of Membership & Chapter Services
laura@kdp.org        317.829.1528

"My husband and I come from families of educators. I am grateful to serve teachers through KDP as well as have family members who believe and demonstrate that they have the greatest profession on Earth."
Joe Clemmer
Regional Chapter Coordinator, Northeast
joe@kdp.org       317.829.1527

“I think we all can look back fondly on a teacher who was a cornerstone of our school experience. I was fortunate enough to have many. I honor their investment in me by giving back to future teachers.”

Melissa Chrisman
Regional Chapter Coordinator, Southeast
melissa@kdp.org       317.829.1550

"After working with homeless high schoolers, I have a new found respect for teachers who fight for all of their students, regardless of their situations. It’s an honor to be part of an organization shaping teachers across the world."

Thomas Ulmet
Regional Chapter Coordinator, Midwest
thomas@kdp.org       317.829.1530

"Any teacher who sees his or her students with all their potential and can instill a love for learning in them despite the challenges that face educators today is an inspiration to me."
Erin Donkersloot
Regional Chapter Coordinator – West, Online, Community Colleges, and International Chapters
erind@kdp.org       317.829.1526

Chelsey Sizemore
Membership & Chapter Services Associate
chelsey@kdp.org       317.829.1529

"I have seen both sides of the classroom. I have had teachers who have inspired me to succeed, and I have been in the classroom with a room full of young minds that I have wanted to inspire. Teachers need support from those who understand how worthwhile and challenging their jobs are. I’m excited that I can now help support them."

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