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With budget cuts and decreased funding for education at all levels, it is up to organizations like Kappa Delta Pi to stand up and help fill the gaps. Collectively, we can ensure a quality education for every student by supporting excellence in teacher preparation and professional development.
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During the next academic year (2017–2018), our KDP community of members and volunteers is setting its sights high as we work strategically toward our mission of preparing all learners for future challenges. Specifically, we are working to

Honestly, we cannot do that without your help.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for new initiatives and programs by June 30 at 11:59 p.m. (EDT).

Donate $10 or more and receive a 5x7 print (shown below, frame not included) in the mail to post in your classroom, office, or home.

The world needs effective teachers, and we need you!

Thank you for considering a tax-deductible gift to Kappa Delta Pi. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Beaman at chris@kdp.org. Use the form below to donate online, or call us with your gift at 800-284-3167.

Yes, I want to help stand up for quality education!
We appreciate the support of our members and donors who’ve contributed to help us achieve our goal.

       Genevieve Amsden
       Danielle Bartlett
       Chris Beaman
       Brandy Beckman
       Shantia Blackmon
       Stewart Bloom
       Nathan Bond
       Sasja Bouwer
       Alexandria Bozik
       Luecreasie Brown-Hill
       Rosaline Cardarelli
       Joe Clemmer
       Rosalyn Clifton
       Rachel Conner
       Marilyn Cook
       Laurie DeRosa
       Brynn Deshield
       Diane DiSpagna
       Bianca Dugas
       Samantha Duttry
       Christy Eanes
       Tiffany Edwards
       Elizabeth Elliott
       Krystal Fold
       Theresa Foret
       Talia Frisco
       Patricia Fujii
       Ashley Glenn
       Felice Green
       Amelia Gutierrez
       Ashley Haimson
       Clarissa Heaney
       Julie Hentges
       Jenny Hoffman
       Samantha Jackson
       Sonia Jacobo
       Mickki JeanLouis
       Suzan Kalloz
       Jennifer Kehoe
       Molly King
       Rosa Kissling
       Emilie Klein
       Lynnette Lichner
       Renae Lingafelt-Beeker
       Irma Lugo
       Leana Malinowsky
       Stephen Marcou
       Brittany Marks
       Arlene Marshall Stanford
       Melissa Martino
       John Millican
       Tina Molden
       LaSonya Moore
       Mary Murphy
       Shifeng Ou
       Janet Painter
       Laura Perkins
       Susan Perry
       Wivinia Ramilla
       Rosetta Riddle
       Ona Riggin
       Tamar Ritzco
       Andrea Ryan
       Erin Sanders
       Eliane Santos
       Hayley Saverance
       Rachelle Savitz
       Yolanda Savoy
       Connie Schaffer
       Sarah Schimmel
       Jason Schipper
       Michaela Schuld
       Diana Shields
       John Sponsler
       Nicole Stankus
       Genevieve Stothers
       Joshua Thorp
       Cheri Tornabene
       Monica Torres
       Susan Trostle Brand
       Martha Viator
       Ann Vogan
       Jacqueline Waggoner
       Gregory Warren
       Larry Williams
       Margaret Zeitouny
       Jordan Zimmerman

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