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New Teacher Advocate
The Professional Magazine for New Teachers
The New Teacher Advocate is designed to support new teachers transitioning from being a student through being a student teacher and into their first years of teaching. Its succinct articles are meant to provide support through steps to take, resources, patterns to follow, tips, and lots of practical applications. This quarterly magazine can be tucked into your bag or purse to read during short periods of free time. It’s not unusual for new teachers to report implementing ideas from the New Teacher Advocate within 24 hours of seeing them!

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Fall 2015 Theme: Procedures for Your Classroom and Math and Science Strategies
Inside the Current Issue
CREATE Harmony in Your Culturally Diverse Class
By Nichole Wangsgard

4 Essential Strategies for ELL Success
By Laqueeda Hurtubise

10 Ways to Improve Your Teaching of Exceptional Learners
By Madeline Kovarik and Terri Boyle

5 Tips for Communicating With Families Impacted by Special Education
By Richard L. Mehrenberg

Fave Five
Tools and Interventions

The Dr. Is In
Inspiration to Start the School Year
By Catherine Pangan

5 Approaches to Address the Needs of the Gifted and Talented
By Stephen J. Bugaj

Technically Speaking
21st Century Collaboration: Be Fierce!
By Mindy Keller-Kyriakides

6 Keys to Effective Collaboration

By Shannon Rice

10 Positive Responses to Student–Teacher Conflict
By Laurie M. Hawke and Michael F. Hawke

4 Classroom Applications of Youth Empowerment Theory
By Kira Withrow

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