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New Teacher Advocate
The Professional Journal for New Teachers
The New Teacher Advocate is designed to support new teachers transitioning from being a student through being a student teacher and into their first years of teaching. Its succinct articles are meant to provide support through steps to take, resources, patterns to follow, tips, and lots of practical applications. This quarterly journal can be tucked into your bag or purse to read during short periods of free time. It’s not unusual for new teachers to report implementing ideas from the New Teacher Advocate within 24 hours of seeing them!

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Fall 2014 Theme: English Language Learners
Writing, p. 2
Language Arts, p. 12
Using Newspapers, p. 14
Content Vocabulary, p. 16
Reading, p. 18


TELL about Culture, p. 3
Cultural Transitioning, p. 8


Family Involvement, p. 4
Home Visits, p. 11

Classrooms Without Walls, p. 6
ELL Classroom Tips, p. 10

Online Extras
Making Academic Vocabulary Accessible to ELLs by Ingrid McVanner

Bridging Barriers: The 6 B’s to Involving Parents of ELLs
by Osaro Althouse

Bridging the Language Gap by Madeline Kovarik and Leah Zaguroli

Going the Extra Mile: Connecting with Students’ Families by Robin Quick and Danelle Conner

Co-Teaching: How to Support ELLs
by Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria Dove

Say ‘Cheese’ & More: ELLs, Cameras, and Language Development
by Andrea Honigsfeld

Novice Notes: ELL Myths and Facts by Deborah Vilardi

ProPointers: Meeting Cross-Cultural Needs by Ruth Van Reken

For more resources for working with ELLs, including webcasts and podcasts, see the KDP Resources Catalog

Winter 2014 Theme: Curriculum Strategies

Guiding Principles, p. 2
Formative Assessment, p. 4
Professional Organizations, p. 11
Meetings to Go, p. 12


Project-Based Learning, p. 6
Writing: AREA, p. 8
Favorite Apps, p. 10
10 Ways to Line up, p. 14
Math: Hands-On, p. 16
Science: WebQuests, p. 18

Online Extras for Winter 2014
Project-Based Learning Activities
Neighborhood Guide Brochure

Book Map

Hundreds of Project-Based ideas, lesson plans, examples, and templates

Professional Organizations
Content Connections: The Importance of Joining a Professional Organization by Robin Robinson Kapavik

Life in Space: The New Settlement

Endangered Species

Webquest examples and resources

Webquests for all grades, subjects

Professional Organizations
App Ed Review
Apps reviewed by teachers can be searched by Operating System, Subject, Grade Level, Cross-Curriculum

Apps for Student Work on

These are apps other KDP members have found useful

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