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The Educational Forum

The Educational Forum

The Educational Fourm The Educational Forum is in its 80th year as the cornerstone publication of Kappa Delta Pi.

The Educational Forum made its first appearance in November 1936. That first issue was jam-packed with articles, studies, essays and even poems from leading educators across America.

History tells us those first issues were packed so full because of doubts about the future, fueled by the Great Depression. There may have been doubt about starting an academic journal in the depths of an economic depression, but educators and researchers have kept the journal strong for more than seven decades.

The Educational Forum is a doubly masked peer-reviewed journal published quarterly to provide thought-provoking, challenging essays, research reports, and featured works designed to stimulate dialogue in education on a worldwide scale.

Academic Editor:
Alan Amtzis, Ph.D., The College of New Jersey

Associate Academic Editors:
Dr. Tabitha Dell’Angelo, The College of New Jersey
Dr. Ryan Flessner, Butler University

Winner, 2015 Association TRENDS All-Media Contest
– Silver Award, Scholarly/Technical/Scientific Journal

Winner, 2014 Association TRENDS All-Media Contest – Bronze Award, Scholarly/Technical/Scientific Journal

Inside the Current Issue
Individual articles or the issue can be accessed at Taylor and Francis Online.

Volume 80
Number 4

October–December 2016

Special Issue: Teaching and Learning Teacher Research
Academic Coeditors: Alan Amtzis, Ryan Flessner, and Mary Klehr

Framing the Issue of Teacher Research
Alan Amtzis

Research as Discovery, Teaching as Trust: Developing New Perspectives Through Teacher Research
Megan Blumenreich and Rafaela Rodriguez

Equity Audit: A Teacher Leadership Tool for Nurturing Teacher Research
Jenice L. View, Elizabeth DeMulder, Stacia Stribling, Stephanie Dodman, Sophia Ra, Beth Hall, and Katy Swalwell

Learning to Take an Inquiry Stance in Teacher Research: An Exploration of Unstructured Thought-Partner Spaces
Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor and Scott F. Bodamer

Working the Dialectic: Teaching and Learning Teacher Research in Social Studies
Christopher C. Martell and Maria R. Sequenzia

Sociograms as a Tool for Teaching and Learning: Discoveries From a Teacher Research Study
Cindy Sobieski and Tabitha Dell’Angelo

Structured Ethical Reflection in Practitioner Inquiry: Theory, Pedagogy, and Practice
Douglas M. Stevens, Mary Brydon-Miller, and Miriam Raider-Roth

Developing a Research Identity: Promoting a Research Mindset Among Faculty and Students
Kirstin P. McEachern and Jessica L. Horton

External Influences on an Internal Process: Supporting Preservice Teacher Research
Ann Schulte and Lyndsay Halpin Klipfel

The Possibilities of Longitudinal Research: Lessons From a Teacher and a Researcher
Catherine Compton-Lilly

Lessons From the Teaching of Teacher Research
Ryan Flessner and Mary Klehr
Established: 1936

Description: 124-page, single-color journal

Review process: Doubly masked, peer review

Acceptance rate: 21% (2015)

Readership: University faculty and researchers in education; undergraduate students; administrators; K–12 practitioners
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