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The Educational Fourm Diamond Standard
The Educational Forum is in its 76th year as the cornerstone publication of Kappa Delta Pi.

Kappa Delta Pi’s premiere academic journal — The Educational Journal — made its first appearance in November 1936. That first issue was jam-packed with articles, studies, essays and even poems from leading educators across America.

History tells us those first issues were packed so full because of doubts about the future, fueled by the Great Depression. There may have been doubt about starting an academic journal in the depths of an economic depression, but educators and researchers have kept the journal strong for more than seven decades. >>>

The Educational Forum is a doubly masked peer-reviewed journal published quarterly to provide thought-provoking, challenging essays, research reports, and featured works designed to stimulate dialogue in education on a worldwide scale.

Alan Amtzis, Ph.D., of the College of New Jersey, is the current Academic Editor.


Inside the Current Issue
July-September 2014
Volume 78      Number 3

Individual articles or the issue can be accessed at Taylor and Francis Online

Editorial Statement
Alan Amtzis

Research Reports
Examining College Writing Readiness
Julia C. Duncheon & William G. Tierney

Revisiting Reflection: Utilizing Third Spaces in Teacher Education
Ryan Flessner

“We Don’t Go on the Computers Anymore!”: How Urban Children Lose in Learning Digital Literacies
Kathleen Gormley & Peter McDermott

Using Brief Instructional Video Clips to Foster Communication, Reflection, and Collaboration in Schools
William Sterrett, Amy Garrett Dikkers & Michele Parker

Performance Assessment for California Teachers and English-Language Arts Candidates in a Rural Border Community
Lasisi Ajayi

Humor in Literature About Children With Disability: What Are We Seeing in Literature?
Ewa McGrail & Alicja Rieger

Aligning Visions: Striking a Balance Between Personal Convictions for Teaching and Instructional Goals
Margaret Vaughn

How Distance Education Has Improved Adult Education

Jacqueline Cahill

Cautionary Tales: Teaching, Accountability, and Assessment
Michelle E. Jordan, Robert C. Kleinsasser & Mary F. Roe

Role Play for Classroom Management: Providing a Lodestar for Alternate-Route Teachers
Ryan Niemeyer, Aaron Johnson & Ann Elizabeth Monroe

Why We Do Not Have Ethical Conduct: A Response to Dr. Sternberg
Jamin Carson


Established: 1936

Description: 124-page, single-color journal

Review process: Doubly masked, peer review

Acceptance rate: 24.8% (2012- present)

Readership: University faculty and researchers in education; undergraduate students; administrators; K–12 practitioners

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