Kappa Delta Pi publications reach educators at all levels of their careers—from preservice to classroom teachers, principals, faculty, administrators, and researchers. As an educator, you have experience that can encourage another educator, research that contributes to the field, and insights that assist beginning teachers as they find their footing in schools around the globe. Your contributions to the content in KDP’s various publications is valued and appreciated. If you would like to write for one of the following publications, we want to hear from you!
We welcome submissions for the following publications at KDP:
The KDP Record is a peer-reviewed journal that presents practical articles on compelling topics and issues important to practicing educators who teach at all levels and in a wide range of disciplines in classrooms and other educational settings;
The New Teacher Advocate is an award-winning newsletter that informs, encourages, and inspires beginning teachers through its practical articles and topical advice;
The Educational Forum is a doubly masked peer-reviewed journal that offers scholarly essays, research reports, and book reviews;
Resource Roundup provides links to the most useful Web sites for your career stage;
Novice Notes provides undergraduate students and university faculty with tried-and-true practical tips and advice;
ProPointers focuses on hot topics in education that are important to experienced educators;
Ideas to go lists classroom tips from KDP educators and others on various topics, from management and engaging students to communication with parents and school culture concerns.
KDP Online welcomes your favorite teaching tips, techniques, and inspiring stories!
You may go to the individual pages to learn more about the publication and contact the editor or you may suggest a story or contact an editor by sending an e-mail to pubs@kdp.org. Please indicate the publication of interest if known.

To submit a teaching tip, best practice, or story to KDP Online, click here! Please note that all submissions to KDP Online will be edited for clarity and conciseness.