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View You

View You

New Benefit! ViewYou Partnership Showcases KDP Members

Two student teachers recently called their supervisor excitedly. Both had just received calls from administrators at the schools where they wanted to teach. Both had applied online several weeks earlier, but not heard anything. The day they got phone calls was the day they uploaded videos and résumés to ViewYou. The administrators had seen them in action in the videos and wanted to interview them. You can have this advantage too! Start taking some video of you teaching, working with a group of students, and managing a classroom. It can be with a video camera or a phone. Then you can upload it to Vimeo or YouTube in preparation for its upload to ViewYou.

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What is ViewYou?     How do you get ViewYou?     Where do I sign up?     ViewYou Tutorial

What is ViewYou?
ViewYou gives motivated job seekers like you the ability to create comprehensive profiles that includes video, allowing potential employers insight into your personality, aspirations, and teaching skills. You can even send requests for supervisors to write their recommendations on the site. Complete portfolios can be easily forwarded to potential employers. Schools, corporations, and government agencies may also subscribe to search candidate profiles.

ViewYou is fully integrated into Applitrack, the online application tool used by many school corporations. Administrators are allowed to see that you have a ViewYou profile as part of your application. They become intrigued, and like the examples above, watch the video. Suddenly you stand out from all the other applicants because they have seen you teach!

How do you get ViewYou?
Get all the Plus features—4 videos and Visitor Tracking—for the Basic price of $12 a year.

KDP members:

Where do I sign up?
View a short tutorial here and then scroll down to click on Plus Sign Up.

Don’t forget your code: KDP

Create a video to introduce yourself. Then get videos of you in the classroom! Start uploading to your site today. Note: Videos created with your webcam directly into ViewYou can only be 2 minutes each, but if you create them with a camera or phone and upload them into Vimeo or YouTube, they can be any length. Five to ten minutes is good for an introduction video, but a video showcasing you teaching should be 15-20 minutes.
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