Key to Success
A smooth officer transition is the key to having a sustainable chapter. Consider hosting an officer retreat as an opportunity for past and new officers to discuss their roles and responsibilities and ensure consistent chapter operations. Then, new officers can set the tone and establish goals when planning for the upcoming year. Learn More.

Scholarship Money for Your Chapter Members
KDP has more than $32,000 in scholarship awards available to chapter members at the undergrad, graduate, and doctoral levels as well as opportunities for alumni members in the classroom. Spread the word to all chapter members to apply before the May 1 deadline. Learn More.

Spring Initiation Season
Many chapters are gearing up for spring initiations! As you plan for this event, be sure to visit the Chapter Initiation page to find instructions on the online initiation process as well as ways to make this a meaningful experience for new members. Learn More.

You’re Award-Worthy, So Apply!
Let KDP recognize the achievements of your chapter and its leaders! Apply for one of the annual Awards for Educational Excellence by entering your successful chapter program, amazing counselor, or distinguished officer by May 15. Learn More.