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Course Networking (CN) is a learning management system. Participants will login to CN (https://www.thecn.com/) each day of the conference to join into the various conference activities: listen to keynote speeches, enter discussion forums, link to live discussions, and chat with colleagues online. A week prior to the conference each participant will receive an email generated by the CN system that contains personal log-in information.

If you cannot find your login information, it is possible that the email is in your inbox, junk, or spam folder. Search for an email titled Welcome to CN, in which, you can find your CN user information and the activation button. If you cannot find your Welcome to CN email please email esdinnovateteam@gmail.com with your last name, first name, and email address. In the subject line, put “CN login.”

If you are unfamiliar with learning management systems, we recommend that you watch this 6-minute video tutorial: http://bit.ly/coursenetworktutorial
Flipgrid (http://flipgrid.com) is a website for social learning based on videos. Each conference participant will make a 1-minute video to introduce her/himself. Each participant received an email message from esdinnovateteam@gmail.com with the subject line: “Preparing for the INTEI Online Conference”. This email message contained the conference Flipgrid link (https://flipgrid.com/intei), password, code, and link to an instructional video (http://bit.ly/inteiflipgridtutorial) on how to make a video introduction for this conference.

To record a Flipgrid introductory video you will need a Google or Microsoft email account. If you do not have a Google or Microsoft account, you may be prompted to create one. Instructions for creating a free Google account may also be found on this website: http://bit.ly/makegoogleaccount You may change the language displayed by going to the bottom, left corner of the page.
GoToMeeting is a live conferencing platform. Participants will enter this platform for live time-zone discussions on the first and third days of the conference. Click on the link provided in Course Networking. Prior to the scheduled discussion, we recommend that you test your computer system compatibility by clicking on this link https://link.gotomeeting.com/system-check You can check your microphone and speakers also. If you are having trouble with the audio here is a link to help you troubleshoot: http://bit.ly/gotomeetingaudiohelp

We recommend that participants only turn on cameras when sharing screens (or computer desktop information). Video requires a great deal of bandwidth, and may cause slow transmission of the audio stream, as well as pixilation or freezing of the video stream. To keep the transmission clear, please use the video function sparingly.

Here is a video for those of you who are facilitating for the first time: GoToMeeting Organizer Training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDeW_8Yyzr4 Please note that we will be using Kappa Delta Pi’s subscription to GoToMeeting, so you will not need to purchase a license. Discussion leaders will need to use a computer, not a devise, to facilitate a GoToMeeting session.
YouTube.com is an online video-sharing website. Many videos for this conference are stored on the ESD Innovate YouTube Channel. If you like any of the expert videos in Course Networking and want to use them in one of your teacher-education courses or workshops, you may be able to access them through YouTube.