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PhD, University of Sussex, MA, University of Sussex, BA, University of Essex

Author/Co-author of: Foucault, Power and Education (2013); The Education Debate (2013); The Colour of Class: The Educational Strategies of the Black Middle Classes (2014); How Schools Do Policy (2012); Global Education Inc. (2012); Networks, New Governance and Education (2012)

Dr. Stephen J. Ball is Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology of Education at the Institute of Education, University College London and, most recently, Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education. A Fellow of the British Academy and the Academy of Social Sciences, Dr. Ball’s research in education began with his own experiences of possibilities and exclusions, both at home and in school.

As a child of the welfare state in England, his interest in meaning, experience, and struggle was fostered by attending state-funded school and receiving government-issued food and medical care.

Over time, Dr. Ball’s work has focused primarily on sociologically informed education policy analysis and the relationships between education, education policy, and social class. His recent research projects addressed how education policy moves through global policy networks—one focused on Africa and the other on India. These build on previous work regarding the increasing influence of philanthropy and business in educational policymaking.

Among his many honors are honorary doctorates from the Universities of Turku in Finland and Leicester. He was co-founder and is managing editor of the Journal of Education Policy and has written more than 20 books and published more than 140 journal articles.

Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to speak around the world about his work, collaborate with exciting students, conduct research in dynamic teams, and receive vaulted honors.

Kappa Delta Pi invited Dr. Ball to join the Laureate Chapter in 2015.