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Dr. Zhou Nan-Zhao was President of the Asia Pacific Network for International Education and Values Education (APNIEVE), representing China. He also was Director of the China-based UNESCO International Research & Training Center for Rural Education (INRULED) and the Director of the International Center of Teacher Education (located at East-China Normal University in Shanghai).

Dr. Zhou had active participation in China international education projects, and he involved UNESCO‚ÄďAPNIEVE in many international conferences in China. As the Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovations for Development (APEID) and Senior Programme Specialist, Dr. Zhou worked first in international education and then in teacher education and secondary education, offering a specific focus of bilateral/multilateral consultation on curriculum development.

In addition to his distinguished service in education, Dr. Zhou was part of the authoring team for the Delors Report, which made recommendations for the establishment of the European Monetary Union.

Dr. Zhou completed his undergraduate education at Beijing Normal University and holds a Master of Arts (Education) degree and a doctoral degree (PhD in Education) from the State University of New York in Buffalo. He has more than 100 published writings in English and Chinese.

He is remembered for his contributions toward international education, values education, 21st century education, and for advocating for peace and harmony and sustainable development. He was invited to the Laureate Chapter in 2000. He passed away in July 2014.

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