State Delegates

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What is a State Delegates
With the majority of KDP members being practicing professionals, it is important to have the professionals’ voice in governance discussions and decisions impacting the direction of the Society. The ideas and recommendations of KDP members who daily carry out excellent work in the field of education will strengthen the organization and its support of and resources for educators. Through their exceptional communication and organizational skills, delegates will serve as the link between the states’ constituents and KDP leaders. The position of State Delegate was incorporated into the bylaws of the Society during the 2009 Business Meeting during Convocation. Recognizing that approximately 60 percent of KDP’s members are professional educators without an active chapter affiliation, the State Delegate was established to provide those members with a voice in the Society’s governance process.  It is also anticipated that this new role will allow members to network and share professional ideas at the state level and to have their voices heard in the directions and activities of KDP.