Tell Your Story
Kappa Delta Pi is a community of exceptional educators, experiences, and stories.

We are spending time collecting (and will soon be sharing) member stories from around the globe about how teachers are making a difference and changing the world.

We want to record your story to share on our website, blog, KDP Global, and email communications. You can also elect to allow us to share your story with lawmakers, news reporters, and others to reinforce the value of the profession.
  • The impact you had on a student and/or classroom with a project or lesson you taught;
  • Students returning to your class to share what an impact you had on them;
  • The impact that a former (or current) educator had on you;
  • The impact that a former (or current) educator had on your child(ren);
  • How KDP has enhanced your outlook on the profession of teaching;
  • What it means to be a great teacher; and more.

Share your story here