Kappa Delta Pi advances quality education by inspiring teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges.

The KDP Nominations Committee is now seeking qualified candidate to fill two positions on the 2020-2022 Executive Council—the President-Elect and an Executive Council member.

Executive Council Duties
The Executive Council is responsible for ensuring that KDP’s programs and services are consistent with the Society’s strategic goals and values.

Duties of Executive Council Members
  • Help chart the strategic direction of the Society.
  • Fulfill KDP’s fiduciary responsibilities to ensure the financial sustainability of the Society.
  • Align resources and programs and associated budget to the strategic direction of the Society.
  • Allocate KDP’s resources to meet its goals.
  • Create, approve, and monitor the implementation of policies and position statements.
  • Employ and annually review the performance of the Executive Director.
  • Review and take action on recommendations to amend/update the KDP Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Review and approve applications for new chapters.
  • Serve on standing committees or task forces (upon appointment).
  • Work in concert with the Executive Director and other members of the Council

Time commitment
Executive Councils serve for two-year terms. Potential candidates must commit to attending two to three 1.5-day meetings, typically in the spring, summer, and a shorter meeting during Convocation. There are also conference calls held between the in-person meetings.

In addition to meetings, Executive Council members are expected to service as active participants on Council subcommittees, committees, and/or task forces upon appointment.

Requirements for serving on the Executive Council
Applicants for a position on the Executive Council must be active members of the Society. Candidates for the position of President-Elect must have been an active member of the Society for at least the previous five (5) years, including the current year of membership.

Skills and competencies of Executive Council Members

Questions can be sent to membership@kdp.org.