A tool to help build your online presence

Even though you may have your own personal Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, running such an account for an organization comes with slightly different rules, uses, and even capabilities. We want your chapter to be successful in all forms of communication, so we are sharing some social media tips to help give your chapter the best possible profile.

Also, be sure to check out our image library of banners to help brand your page!

Choose the right sites. Each has its own strengths, so consider what your overall goal is for having a social media presence.

  • Instagram is great for highlighting events and informing members about what is going on with the chapter.
  • Facebook (especially groups) is great for connecting with alumni and keeping everyone abreast of events, but may not show up in everyone’s timeline.
  • Twitter is best utilized for disseminating links, professional development, and small amounts of information.

Set goals. Take some time to be intentional as you set-up or refine your page. Want to highlight more members? Do #NewTeacherTuesday or Officer Introductions. Need to spread awareness about events? Make sure to create events or fun graphics to highlight these days.


Document your sites and logins. Pages and groups often get lost during officer transition. Make sure you have multiple administrators with clearly assigned responsibilities and that any log-in information is passed down in officer binders. Before creating a new page make sure there isn’t already one for that site.

Create a Group page. Consider creating a Facebook group, rather than a page. Page updates are less likely to make it to a member’s newsfeed because of Facebook algorithms. If members are not regularly interacting with the page, they will stop seeing updates!

Set up a chapter email. You can use this email for any new or existing social media accounts. We have found that Social Media Providers are understandably hesitant to allow access to an account to someone who cannot access the email address used to set up the profile. This results in unused or multiple accounts for the same chapter. Setting up a chapter email, preferably through your school (which can reset passwords if needed), will enable you to pass on the account to future chapter officers so that you can continue to build your number of followers and remain connected with chapter members after they graduate.

Like and share KDP’s social media pages. This will keep yourself and your members up to date on events and webinars.

Keep your posts brief. Posts with pictures and a few sentences are the most likely to get information to the members.

Keep the information up to date. Periodically review the profile picture, cover photo, links, officers, contact info, KDP Mission and About KDP info as this can change i.e. instead of including that KDP has: over 35,000 active members and 600 active chapters. Replace with: an initiated membership that exceeds 1.2 million!

Add your pages to the Chapter Social Media Directory.
To do so, simply log in to MyKDP, go to My Community>Chapter Management>Chapter Profile. Click edit and enter FULL urls in the box for each site. For example use https://www.facebook.com/KDPhome instead of just @KDPhome


Use the Society’s logo. If you already use a society logo check to make sure the one you are using is up to date. Note our updated logos with purple pinnacle and accent line. You can find our latest set of logos here.

Or use your own chapter specific logo. Customized logos (full color and black and white JPG and EPS versions) have been created for each chapter and distributed to chapter leadership. If you need the logos to be resent, or need the reverse or gray-scale versions, please email marketing@kdp.org.

Add a KDP banner.
To help with the branding of your page, we have created a few banners for you to use. Choose a few and change them up throughout the year.

Include the KDP mission in “About Me,”
but personalize it: include requirements for joining, chapter email or leader contact information, PIIP requirements, and more.

For more information check out KDP’s Brand Standards Guide.


Tag Members. Post photos from your events and tag members.

Use the page to make people aware of your chapter! Be sure to “like” or follow pages of organizations and people who could be beneficial to your chapter’s operations: KDP, local businesses, school districts, State Teachers of the Year, other chapters, your school and College of Education pages, and other organizations at your school.

Proactively recommend members to like and follow pages. The more active and liked your page is, the more likely it is to reach members’ newsfeeds.

Actively research and recruit alumni to “like” your chapter page.


Get consent from members. Check that members shown or tagged in photos have given approval that their photos may be used on social media.

Post Conscientiously. Be aware of posting counselor or officer email or other information if your page or group is public. Do not post your chapter’s specific initiation link.

Use Common Sense. Be aware of the image that your chapter promotes on behalf of its members locally and on the Society as a whole.


Consider using Facebook Live or videos to stream your meeting or induction on your page or in your group. This gives more options to those who can’t join in live.

Check out the Facebook FAQ page here!
Using hashtags will help get your tweets in front of your intended audience and engage in chats on twitter. Some popular tags are #edchat and #ntchat, or connect with Kappa Delta Pi by tagging your tweets with #kappadeltapi, #KDPWebinar or #knowledgedutypower.

Check out the Twitter FAQ page here!
Instagram stories are a fun and creative way to post real-time content for members and followers, but posting the traditional route stores the graphics, photos, or videos forever on your account for new followers to learn more about your chapter.

Check out the Instagram FAQ page here!

Chapter Webpages

Many chapters have their own web pages. Some chapters use their schools websites whereas others use free or inexpensive sites that they can manage on their own. Below are a few FREE sites that you may like to try:


Facebook Spotlight
The Lambda Gamma Chapter at the University of South Florida uses their Facebook page not only to update members on chapter news, but to share professional development articles, encouraging quotes, and fun graphics reminding followers of upcoming events. See their page here: https://www.facebook.com/KDPLT/.
Highlighting Members
On Instagram, chapters like North Carolina A&T State University (Theta Tau) and University of Pittsburgh (Omicron Phi) highlight individual members regularly, giving followers an opportunity to learn about their peers within the chapter.
Sweet Memories
Kean University (Delta Rho) regularly shares memories on Instagram from programs like their initiation ceremony and service projects as well as KDP’s Convocation—promoting their unique identity and the value of membership to their followers.

Twitter Spotlight

The University of Pittsburgh chapter loves to tweet! Follow them to see the latest chapter activities and the “Chapter Member of the Week” posts.