Collecting Local Dues

Chapters need funding to thrive, as well as to plan and execute initiations, service projects, professional development activities, and any other events the chapter chooses to hold throughout the year. Every campus’ process for collecting local dues and one-time initiation fees is different, so your chapter’s leadership can carefully consider what works best for its sustainability.

What are the different types of dues and fees for KDP?
  • Society dues: the annual fee for active KDP membership, typically paid online or via a renewal form.
  • Local dues: a fee that chapters can choose to charge for chapter membership, collected by the chapter (for new members and renewing members). Chapters can set the amount, but it cannot exceed the current Society dues. KDP can collect only renewing members’ local dues at the time of renewal and will remit these in rebate checks twice per year.
  • One-time initiation fee: a sum of money that chapters can choose to charge new members to cover the cost of initiation ceremonies and other fees incurred during membership.

How can we use our chapter’s funds?

Chapter funds, if they are spent on items related to the chapter, can be spent at chapter leaders’ discretion. Activities, supplies, and fees are permissible expenditures, as well as any costs that benefit the chapter. Remember to track your expenses for the Annual Financial Report.

How can we collect dues?
  • Have new members pay local fees first, in order to receive the Society chapter-specific link.
  • Collect only a larger one-time initiation fee at initiation.
  • Set local dues per semester, instead of annually.
  • See if your bursar or business office can collect the dues and keep a record for you.
  • Use PayPal to invoice initiates who have filled out the Society link (you will lose a small percentage if bank accounts are not linked to the PayPal account).

I was told my Chapter’s Annual Financial Report cannot be closed because of my local dues! Why does KDP track the amount we collect for local dues?

Headquarters does need to be informed when your chapter votes to change the local dues via the Annual Financial Report or you can email your RCC. Renewing members, even those who graduated many years ago, can choose to send local dues to your chapter to help support rising educators. Tracking the amount also allows a continuity when chapter leadership changes, allowing your RCC to inform new officers what previous officers had used.