Member Engagement

From initiation as a preservice teacher until retirement, chapters have the opportunity to serve and support educators throughout every season of their career. A diverse body of members will enrich your chapter activities and collective abilities. When all educators come together to reinforce one another, everyone will have more support and resources available to them to help ensure future success.
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Graduate Recognition

Your chapter’s graduating members have worked hard in school and in the chapter, so consider recognizing them for their accomplishments through a graduation ceremony—a great time to distribute cords, bring families together, and thank your outgoing officers for all they did for the chapter.

Graduate Recognition Resources Page

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Alumni and Professional Member Engagement
Once members have graduated, KDP continues to provide resources to educators—and so can chapters! Stay connected with your alumni to offer them support and so that they can provide current preservice teachers the opportunity to learn from and network with those who have gone before them. Invite beloved cooperating teachers, local teachers, and award-winning educators to join your chapter in order to bolster its knowledge and wisdom base.

Membership Activities

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Non-Traditional Student Engagement
Not all preservice teachers are located on campus and aged 18 to 23. Taking time to carefully consider outreach to non-traditional undergraduate, graduate, and online students can provide great value for members of all types by creating a diverse environment and specialty points of focus.

Engaging Online Members Guide