Chapter Activities for Sustainability

Education for Sustainable Development

Educators have the responsibility for helping create a better future for everyone! Chapters have the opportunity to educate large numbers of individuals through strong programming advocating for social justice, racial and gender equity, environmental justice, and cultural diversity.

These ideas are from chapters’ Semester Celebration reports, award submissions, social media posts, or curriculum from respected organizations working in the field of Education for Sustainability (EfS).

Raising AwarenessRaising Awareness for Homelessness
Advocating for oppressed populations, the Kappa Eta Chapter planned multiple events to educate their surrounding community on working with those experiencing homelessness.
Community Resource Community Resource Scavenger Hunt
Searching your community for what it has and working together to determine what it needs to be fully resourced, members can discuss how teaching in areas lacking in adequate resources affects schools.
Creating Our FutureCreating Our Future
Focusing on various aspects of sustainable communities helps your chapter members create an action plan and then take steps within their own lives to address problems locally, nationally, and globally.

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Education for Sustainability Project Idea Listing

Need ideas for a new project or ways to expand your chapter’s current project? This list is filled with program ideas from KDP chapters around the world. Be sure to submit the Semester Celebration report to have your idea listed here next year!

PD out of the box

PD Out of the Box

For more information on Education for Sustainability, check out the PD Out of the Box activities or the KDP Initiative Page for EfS

Need help planning or executing a new event or creating long-term, sustainable change in your institution? University of Kent has an in-depth guide to action planning to help focus on creating achievable goals.