PD Out of the Box

In an increasingly interconnected world facing economic, environmental, and social challenges, KDP is interested in advancing the integration of Education for Sustainable (EfS) in both teacher preparation and PreK–12 classrooms. EfS aims to help people develop the attitudes, skills, perspectives, and knowledge to make informed decisions and act upon them for the benefit of themselves and others, now and in the future. EfS helps the citizens of the world to learn their way to a more sustainable future.

All PD Out of the Box activities are designed with EfS in mind, and deal with one or more of the following areas:
Cultural Awareness
Environmental Awareness
Equity in Teaching

Advocacy Cultural Awareness Activities Environmental Awareness Activities Additional ideas for environmental activities might include:
  • Creating a community garden on campus or at a school
  • Increasing recycling capacity on campus or for a local organization
  • Hosting a fair trade goods fair
  • Sponsoring a child
  • Hosting a workshop on creating a green classroom
  • Working with a local non-profit to hold a panel or event on environmental practices, multicultural/race reconciliation, human trafficking and/or human rights violations
  • Creating a guidebook of local shops and/or fair trade organizations where teachers can get supplies
  • Hosting an Earth day event at a local school

Equity in Teaching