Your chapter is a source for high-quality professional development—for new and future educators! Regional workshops are easy to host and offer great opportunities for chapter members to expand their professional network, develop and learn important skills for their career, and raise funds for the chapter. All workshops offer a certificate of participation following a final reflection from attendees. See all scheduled events here.
Interested in hosting?
As a partner, your KDP Headquarters will provide the tools necessary to host a successful workshop; however, members of chapter leadership act as hosts, facilitators, and coordinators. For a more robust event, consider partnering with nearby chapters to share the responsibilities of the event.

Why Host a Regional Workshop?

Kappa Delta Pi Headquarters provides:
  • Curriculum, presentation slides, and handout templates
  • Facilitator training
  • Online registration
  • Email marketing to local members and chapters
  • Weekly updates of registration numbers
  • Electronic Certificates of Completion for participants
Chapter provides:
  • Location
  • Local publicity
  • Volunteer facilitator(s) to lead the event
  • On-site volunteers
  • Printed materials (name tags, handouts, etc.)
  • Optional food and beverage

Registration Fees
The recommended registration fee is $25, though chapters can raise or lower the fee to cover local expenses as needed. The administrative fee due to KDP is $10 per participant. All revenue in excess of the administrative fee will be sent to the chapter within 30 days following the event.

Licensing Option
Hosts/chapters have the option of purchasing a one-year license for any regional workshop curriculum. The license allows you to use any part of the curriculum and supplemental materials as often as you like for one year.
  • Who created the content?
The Regional Workshops were created by experts in each specific topic and based on current research and best practices. Many of the content creators are KDP Counselors and members, and we are always interested in working with other members on creating new KDP workshops.

  • Who can act as a facilitator?
Anyone trained to speak in front of groups can act as a facilitator! For all workshops, especially for the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Workshop, we do recommend the main facilitator be a Chapter Counselor, graduate student, or practicing educator; however, undergraduates, with support and training, can make excellent presenters.

  • Who attends the Regional Workshops?
All preservice and current educators are welcome. The topics are general enough for novice educators, but also provide opportunities for veteran educators to learn and expand their skills. Host chapters must make a commitment to have chapter members attend the event, as well as invite local educators and nearby chapters. KDP Headquarters can assist with providing templates for advertisements, emails, and contact information for local members and chapters.

  • When Do Regional Workshops Occur?
Anytime during your institution’s academic year. KDP does not have a specific time frame for the workshops. We recommend a weekend day or a non-family holiday day off (academic advising, President’s Day, etc).

  • How much time does it take to plan a Regional Workshop?
Preparing for a workshop can be a rather quick process. Reserving a location and adequately marketing the event will take some time, but the material is readily available. Most events can be planned within 2 to 3 months.
Ready to get started?
Contact your Regional Chapter Coordinator or email to begin the process of hosting a Regional Workshop on your campus!

If you are ready to set a date for your workshop, fill out the form below.