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Patti Bontempo
Director of Finance

"As a mother of two school-aged children, making sure the best and the brightest teachers have the support and resources they need is a primary concern for me. It is an honor to work for KDP in this mission."
Kathy Jarrell
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Teri Carlisle
Accounts Payable Specialist

"I am passionate about education because teachers are responsible for educating our future leaders."
Jean GainesJean Gaines
Business Analyst

"Mrs. King, my first-grade teacher, put me on the path of finding answers to my questions and instilling a sense of self-reliance in me."
Jayne Geslak
Database Administrator

Todd TompkinsTodd Tompkins
Systems Engineer

"My band teacher taught us how to succeed through hard work, pushing us to accomplish more than we thought possible."