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Michelle Melani
Director of Knowledge Integration

“Socrates said, ‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.’ I am excited and honored to work at KDP and, in some small way, to encourage and inspire educators as they kindle the flames in their students and inspire them to be lifelong learners.”
Chuck Jarrell
Art Director

"Robert Weaver taught illustration at John Herron. He would say, "Most people look with out seeing. There is an inherent beauty in just about everything around us. You just have to see what makes it interesting."
Laurie Quay
Associate Editor

"In Dr. Levin’s college journalism class, he demanded complete accuracy, whatever that may take. And Dr. Rea’s strict grammar rules stick with me today. I learned to never settle for mediocrity!"
Kathie-Jo Arnoff
Managing Editor, The Record

"The best teachers are lifelong learners, continually exploring new ideas and honing their crafts. At KDP, I have the honor of helping to advance the dialogue."
Phil Kitchel
Managing Editor, New Teacher Advocate