Convo 2021 | THE Virtual Event for Aspiring Teachers

Sponsored by the Trust for Insuring Educators, Administered by Forrest T. Jones & Company

Friday, November 5 – Sunday, November 7, 2021

Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson
Friday, November 5

Prepare yourself for a powerful experience—filled with inspiration and energy. Jeremy Anderson, a leading expert, author, and premier motivational speaker in the educational arena, will be the 2021 Convocation Keynote. He has made it his life's work to help students and teachers become the best version of themselves. After drug and alcohol abuse and constant failure in school, Jeremy went on to receive his high school diploma as well as obtain his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Whether you are a current student, a new teacher, or are finding your place in the profession, Jeremy will help motivate and energize you to face and overcome the challenges you are experiencing.

Anthony Coy-Gonzalez

Anthony Coy-Gonzalez
Saturday, November 6

Join the 2021 Ohio Teacher of the Year, Anthony Coy-Gonzalez, for a special conversation about the joys and challenges of teaching. He has been a teacher of the Deaf for 7 years at the Ohio School for the Deaf in Columbus, Ohio. Discover how his passionate, hands-on learning approach makes an impression on students with humor, emotion, and a little magic. His focus on partnership with the community helps him connect students with community role models and encourages his classes to be civically minded young citizens.

Learning Sessions
The 2021 KDP Convocation will offer future-forward thinking for learning environments. It will be an atmosphere of inspiration infused with tangible, applicable approaches for navigating a profession recovering from upheaval. This event is designed to take you to the next level—not just preparing you to teach but helping you to thrive.

Virtual Convocation will feature dozens of breakout learning sessions covering a wide variety of topics, including:
  • Classroom Setup & Management
  • CRT & SEL: Modern Approaches to Teaching
  • Relationship Building
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Professionalism & School Culture
  • Work–Life Balance & Career Advancement

A full list of sessions will be announced in July 2021.

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