Travel Scholarships for Middle/Secondary Preservice and Practicing Educators!

Congratulations, Recipients!
We are thrilled to announce the recipients for the People to People Leadership Summit and World Leadership Forum travel scholarships! They are:
  • Tara Cosco, Doctoral Candidate and Faculty Counselor at Glenville State College, West Virginia, Kappa Omicron Chapter
  • Clark Davis, Graduate student at Niagara University, New York, Alpha Alpha Beta Chapter
  • Ryan Estrada, High school mathematics teacher in Houston, Texas
  • Andrea Hauser, Undergraduate student at University of Wisconsin Whitewater
  • Edmye Hernandez, 7th and 12th grade English Language Arts instructor in New York
  • Alison Moore, Undergraduate student at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, Tau Iota Chapter
  • Andrea Nicolia, Graduate student at Niagara University, New York, Alpha Alpha Beta Chapter
  • Ciara O’Meara, Graduate student at University of Georgia, Beta Kappa Chapter

The recipients will facilitate leadership training to students in grades 6-12 from all over the world. The Leadership Summits and World Leadership Forums will take place in Washington, D.C. and on campuses of top American universities throughout the summer months. Congratulations, recipients!
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People to People Kappa Delta Pi and People to People!
We are excited to announce a new partnership with People to People Ambassador Programs. For more than 50 years, People to People has helped students in fifth grade through college discover the world while they discover their own capabilities, preparing them for academic achievement, personal success, and life as a global citizen.

Through this partnership we are offering six teacher leader-sponsored positions for KDP members to participate in People to People’s highly respected flagship programs: Leadership Summits and World Leadership Forums. These 6–10 day programs are for students in grades 6–12 who come from across the United States and 140 other countries, taking place in both Washington, D.C. and on the campuses of top American universities. KDP members act as leaders, facilitating student leadership training that focuses on global citizenship, leadership skills, global confidence, and goal setting with students from all over the world!

As the diversity of students in American classrooms continues to increase, People to People students have a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures as they develop critical 21st century skills.

People to People provides curriculum and comprehensive training to all program leaders. They handle all program planning and logistics and provide outstanding support.

By leading one of these programs, you will have the unique opportunity for personal development—helping to prepare you for professional growth throughout your education career.