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Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 7:00 PM (EDT)

Reversing Disconnectedness Among African American Graduate Students at Predominantly White Institutions

Take a deep dive into the lived experiences of African American graduate students enrolled at a predominantly white institution (PWI). Join presenter Dr. Frederick Engram, Jr., an expert of graduate enrollment and diversity, equity, and inclusion, as he explores the experiences of graduate students lacking connection to their institution, and how institutional and systemic racism affects the ability for African American graduate students to create space to persist. Persistence allows these students to complete their degrees and feel a sense of connectedness to the institution. With a gap in literature that focuses on master’s-level African American learners, it can be difficult for the gatekeepers at PWIs to recognize this urgent need for change.

In this webinar, participants learn about:
  1. Identifying and reversing harm
  2. Reducing racial battle fatigue
  3. Reducing cultural taxation
  4. Eliminating internal biases that become projections
  5. Understanding White-manning


Cognitive Strategies in the Classroom

How can cognitive science offer insight into pedagogy and support learners to be more successful? Discover the latest research in cognitive science and how to use this research in your teaching and learning practices, including learning with high-utility strategies and self-regulation approaches for students, as well as how to use motivation and metacognition to give students agency over their learning practices and processes and avoid academic procrastination.

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