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Thursday, June 4, 2020, at 7:00 PM (EDT)

Incorporating Problem-Based Service-Learning in Your 21st-Century Classroom
Get a comprehensive guide to problem-based service-learning (PBSL) and get a better understanding of how teachers can incorporate it in their classrooms. This webinar is divided into three parts: (1) an introduction of PBSL and the PBSL model, taking into consideration the skills students need today and will need in the future; (2) meeting the needs of students in the 21st century as well as the opportunities PBSL offers for all learners (K–12 and adults); and (3) PBSL activities the authors have implemented with their students in different school settings and grade levels.

After this presentation, attendees will be able to:
  • elaborate on why PBSL is an effective instructional framework for their learning spaces;
  • learn how PBSL supports differentiated learning for students with limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE);
  • identify how PBSL fosters literacy development and skills;
  • understand practical applications of PBSL; and
  • use PBSL for the development of 21st-century skills SLIFE need to succeed.

Tuesday, June 16, at 6:00 PM (EDT)

The Power of Puppetry in the Classroom
The use of storytelling in the classroom is an extremely successful tool for engaging and extending literature, and adding puppets to your storytelling brings new energy to your work and absolute joy to the children. As soon as a child can track an object with their eyes a puppet becomes a powerful teaching assistant. With little cost or preparation, the spontaneity of puppetry will increase attention spans, enhance early literacy moments, and give teachers new passion for their work: Use a puppet mascot to assist with classroom behaviors. Instill knowledge quickly when a puppet friend helps teach and instruct. Use the incredible power of puppets and make-believe in story time to aid comprehension and leave children cheering, “Do it again!”

In this webinar, participants will:
  • Use knowledge of early childhood stages of development to see opportunities to incorporate puppets into the classroom.
  • Learn basic storytelling skills with value-added puppetry techniques as a delightful curriculum aid.
  • Acquire ability to assess classroom content and literature for potential adaptation with puppets.
  • Justify adding puppets with low-cost puppet acquisition, lifelong use of adaptations, and results.
  • Inspire energy in your work with this and other playful storytelling techniques.

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