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KDP Webinars are your connection to best practices and current topics in education that may interest you and help you become a better educator. Our webinars are presented by education experts from around the world and cover a wide array of cutting edge subjects, trends, and issues in the field. Active KDP members who attend a KDP Webinar will receive a Certificate of Participation, which, based on regulations in your state, might be used for professional learning units or credits. Webinars are one of the most popular ways KDP helps you every step of your career and are free to KDP members.

During the 2020-21 school year, there will be an average of two live webinars per month. Watch the events page and your email for more information.

Miss a live KDP Webinar? Members who register also receive a link to recorded webinars by email. Members can download any recorded webinar from the KDP Resources Catalog for free and request a Certificate of Participation by completing the Request for Certificate. Webinars that are for career assistance and development such as getting a job or how to climb the academic ladder do not have questions for a certificate of attendance since most states do not accept career development for professional development credit. If you need a certificate for your class or chapter, contact mcs@kdp.org.

Want to use a live webinar or past webinar as a chapter program or for professional development for a group? See the Meetings to Go page for instructions and a group attendance sheet to submit for certificates for each attendee.

Past Webinars Watch a past webinar as a webcast or listen to the podcast any time. A webcast is a full video (MP4) of the webinar while a podcast (MP3) is only the audio portion of the webinar (appropriate for use in the car or while exercising). Both include the slide presentation and any handouts. Answering a set of questions and submitting them will ensure your receipt of a certificate. Within a week after the webinar, go to the Resources Catalog where members can access webcasts and podcast for free. Nonmembers can also access them there, but they will pay $35 each.

Webinar topics include, but are not limited to, classroom management, differentiated instruction, flipped learning, preschool teaching, literacy, family involvement, leadership, teaching strategies, assessment, sustainability, diversity, autism, disabilities, and teaching English language learners. Watch for a winter series on finding a job. Career development webinars for those considering attending graduate school, becoming an administrator, or teaching in a college setting occur throughout the year.

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