Chapter Challenge

Chapter Challenge

Give Back Through Chapter Challenge
Chapter Challenge is Kappa Delta Pi’s signature philanthropic initiative for chapters. As a nonprofit organization, KDP relies on membership dues and the generosity of donors to fulfill our mission of supporting educators. We work to elevate teaching as a respected career choice, support teacher preparation programs and pre-K–12 students, and retain the best and brightest in education. Joining Chapter Challenge is a great opportunity to help KDP cultivate new programming, projects, and chapters.

Be Recognized for Helping Educators
Chapter Challenge is an annual fundraiser, and all participating chapters are recognized for their philanthropic efforts. In the 2019–2020 academic year,151 chapters donated to KDP. You can make a difference for fellow educators and chapters around the world by supporting KDP through Chapter Challenge. We cannot fulfill our mission without your help!

  • Chapter Challenge: Chapters that raise $150 are acknowledged in the annual report, around Convocation 2021, and on A perpetual plaque is awarded the first year a chapter achieves Chapter Challenge, and year plates are added for each subsequent year of participation. This amount fulfills donation requirements for the ACE award application.*

  • Chapter Challenge Plus: Chapters that raise $250 or more receive distinguished recognition at the traditional Chapter Challenge level plus the following special recognition around Convo 2021:
    o A recognition ribbon for all chapter members in attendance
    o A special invitation for the Counselor to attend the President’s Reception

See the Impact
In 2020–2021, 122 chapters have raised $13,532.97 for Chapter Challenge! Thank you to all chapters that participated. See your chapter’s progress here.

2019–2020: $12,918.55
2018–2019: $13,803.83
2017–2018: $17,190.91
2016–2017: $13,446.50
2015–2016: $15,180.04
2014–2015: $19,844.50
2013–2014: $6,120.00
2012–2013: $8,288.00

Take Action Now
  • Include a Chapter Challenge event in your activities calendar.
  • Designate your chapter’s rebate as a Chapter Challenge donation.
  • Find out how much your chapter has given here.
  • Turn in your donations right away so KDP Headquarters can help track your progress. Chapter Challenge donations must be received by June 30, 2021, to count for 2020–2021.
  • Donate online or complete this form and mail it with your gift to:

        Kappa Delta Pi
        3707 Woodview Trace
        Indianapolis, IN 46268

*Because ACE award applications are accepted at the end of a biennium’s Convocation (odd years), chapters are required to donate in both that year and the prior year. Donations and pledge payments made toward restricted funds, such as scholarships and chapter grants, are not included in your chapter’s Chapter Challenge total.

KDP Headquarters is available to help you in your fundraising efforts! Please contact Samantha Tarlton Procento at or call 800-284-3167.