Sustainability in the Classroom:
How do I start?

Teachers and Administrators
Not sure where to start? Read the National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability for inspiration.

Then check out The Shelburne Farms’ Sustainable Schools Project “Education for Sustainability Starter Kit”, which provides a thoughtful framework, from an overview of Education for Sustainability to a schoolwide model and ideas for curriculum design. To pique your curiosity, read these documents, Strategies for Sustainability and Vermont as a Case Study in Education for Sustainability. And here’s a grade-level and curricular example of Education for Sustainability in the classroom.

These KDP papers offer tips and resources on education for sustainability.

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future
This multimedia teacher education program contains 100 hours (divided into 27 modules) of professional development for use in pre-service teacher courses as well as the in-service education of teachers, curriculum developers, education policy makers, and authors of educational materials.

Community Works Institute
Professional development opportunities with an emphasis on service learning and sustainability

Link to activities and projects that chapters and KDP members can do to increase awareness of sustainability practices.

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