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Education for Sustainability Resources


Policies and Initiatives

Schools Taking Action
What actions can you take now? Start with the Footprint Calculator to discover how many planets are required to support your lifestyle. By taking the quiz and finding out your Ecological Footprint, you can discover your biggest areas of resource consumption and learn what you can do to tread more lightly on the Earth.

Once you’ve taken the quiz, be inspired by what schools around the country are doing to tread more lightly on the Earth.

Find a more comprehensive list of schools and organizations taking action.

Systems Thinking

Curriculum Ideas

Books and Journals
Check this section periodically as we’ll feature the latest recommended readings on education for sustainability.
To review our comprehensive book list, visit our online LibraryThing catalogue. If you know of a book that should be on our list, contact us


Additional Resources

Learn More about Sustainability

See our list of Sustainability Organizations to see what others are doing and find out how you can incorporate sustainability into your teaching and into your life.
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