Membership FAQ

I'd like to stay involved with KDP after I graduate. How do I find out more about resources for professionals?
Visit the New Teachers section of the website for more information about what KDP offers members in the early years of their career, or visit Practicing Educators to learn about benefits of membership throughout a career.

How do I update my address or my name with KDP Headquarters?
Please notify KDP Headquarters as soon as possible via e-mail (be sure to include your full name and membership number in the body of your e-mail) or take a moment to update all of your contact information using My KDP.

How do I renew my membership next year?
A membership renewal form will be sent via mail and email approximately three months prior to your membership expiration date, and again one month after. You may also renew your membership online with a credit card. KDP and chapter dues are billed annually on the same invoice so that you will need to make only one payment.

Can I wear KDP honor cords or an honor stole if I am not an active member?
Only active members who are current with KDP Society membership dues are eligible to wear honor cords or a stole at graduation. If you’re a chapter member, check with your chapter counselor to find out if you meet the requirements at your school.

After my initiation into KDP, am I a lifetime member?
KDP provides recognition and professional resources for members at all levels of their careers. In order to provide these services, KDP assesses its members an annual membership fee. Once initiated into KDP, you are a member for life, but you must renew your membership each year by paying annual international membership dues to receive publications and member services.

If I let my membership lapse, what happens?
If your annual dues have not been paid, you will no longer receive member benefits and publications. Your membership can be renewed at any time online or by calling 800-284-3167.

If I move, can I become a KDP member in my new location?
Just call KDP Headquarters at 800-284-3167 or check Find a Chapter to locate a new chapter. To change your chapter affiliation, send an e-mail to KDP including your name, address, membership number, and the name of your old and new chapters.

How may I obtain my membership number?
Simply e-mail Headquarters or call 800-284-3167 to request your membership ID. Your number also appears above your name on the address label of your KDP publications and most virtual correspondence.

When I retire, do I still pay regular membership dues?
An active member who is 55 years or older is eligible to pay discounted dues. Contact Member Services to request Retiree Member Status.

May I get a letter of recommendation from KDP?
Yes. You may request a letter of recommendation via email to Please include your name, membership ID, the name of the staff person you would like to connect with, if applicable, and a phone number in your email.