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I'm fueled by pumpkin spice lattes and a passion for raising up the next generation of teachers to become educators of excellence with EduMagic. My goal is to help you become an excellent educator during college and beyond! I empower aspiring educators to take the lead in their learning through my books, EduMagic podcast, speaking, and courses. I believe that "Teaching doesn't begin when you walk across the stage at graduation, instead teaching begins during your first college class at 8:00 AM."


Penn State University
Doctorate, 2014
To 2014

Education History

  • Education History - Doctorate
  • 2014-05-09

Areas of Expertise

  • Areas of Expertise - Special Education/NonGT
  • Areas of Expertise - Technology in Education

Interest Areas

  • Interest Areas - Teacher Support and Retention
  • Interest Areas - Technology in Education