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Creativity and Education in China Reframing the Curriculum: Design for Social Justice and Sustainability

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Author: Susan Santone
2018. 158 pages.
ISBN 978-1-138-30597-7

Co-published with Routledge Education, Reframing the Curriculum is a practical, hands-on guide to weaving the concepts of healthy communities, democratic societies, and social justice into academic disciplines. Developed for future and practicing teachers, this volume is perfect for teacher education courses in instructional design, social foundations, and general education, as well as for study in professional learning communities.

A Facilitator’s Guide is available here.

What Reviewers Are Saying
“Susan Santone bravely and skillfully tackles complex topics, including perplexing or politicized terms, to make a compelling case for redesigning K–12 curriculum based on the principles of sustainability, social justice, and educational equity. With a passionate, pedagogic approach, she leads the reader from conceptual understandings to practical steps in reframing curriculum. She tells the Story of More and the Story of Better, interlacing social, historical, political, economic, and religious viewpoints. This book takes a fresh look at how teachers can create curriculum in a way that will allow students to grapple with real-world concerns and still address standards.”
—Jennie F. Rakestraw, Dean and Professor, Richard W. Riley College of Education, Winthrop University

“Reframing the Curriculum: Design for Social Justice and Sustainability
is inspirational and practical. Reading this book feels like you’re being coached along by an expert in curriculum development who understands your goals. Santone knows how to help you create experiences that will engage your students in real-world meaningful curriculum that is about making the world a better place for all. She offers tips and examples from other educators, shares resources, and weaves a narrative about how we can rethink education to truly create more just and sustainable communities.”
—Jen Cirillo, Director of Professional Development, Shelburne Farms

Creativity and Education in China Creativity and Education in China: Paradox and Possibilities in an Era of Accountability

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Author: Carol A. Mullen
2017. 184 pages
ISBN: 978-1-138-95456-4

Co-published with Routledge Education, Creativity and Education in China is a twist on high-stakes testing accountability and worldwide debate in education. Readers are taken on a journey through research-based ideas and practical examples of creative education and innovative schooling within a changing authoritarian regime. First-hand discoveries are of creativity and accountability as dynamics in different schools and universities, both urban and rural.

What Reviewers Are Saying
“A fascinating tale of creativity in China’s education system with significant implications for America.” —Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas

“Carol Mullen’s new book takes the reader on a literary journey through an educational culture that is as geographically distant as it is ideologically different. As seen through the research eyes of an American educator, the book frames a discussion of creativity via a comparative analysis. And, through cultural symbolism, the book provides an individual’s insight into the Chinese educational system.” —Rosemary Popa, Del and Jewell Lewis Endowed Chair, Learning Centered Leadership, Northern Arizona University

“Mullen has written a very important book examining the tension between the tight hold of rote learning and testing in China and the attempt to introduce creativity in the schools. Though the rote learning approach to teaching and learning can get in the way of serious attempts at creativity, Mullen offers an array of examples in which educators seem open to ideas that encourage critical thinking, student-centered, and activity-based learning.” —Ann Lieberman, Senior Scholar, Stanford University

Book Cover Education Policy Perils: Tackling the Tough Issues

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Edited by Christopher H. Tienken and Carol A. Mullen
2016. 212 pages

Co-published with Routledge Education, Education Policy Perils provides educators and those interested in the future of public education with research-based and practical analyses of some of the foremost issues facing public schools today. The collection, written by experienced scholar-practitioners, offers insights that include nuanced descriptions of various challenges facing educators and recommendations for overcoming them with an eye toward more successful policy and better implementation.

What Reviewers Are Saying
“Enlightening, insightful, practical, and evidence-based. A much-needed masterful guide for traversing the bewildering and tough education policy terrain.” –Yong Zhao, Ph.D., author of Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon: Why China has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World

“Our democracy thrives when smart policy replaces bad policy. This book points us in that direction with a variety of chapters, viewpoints, critiques and, best of all, ideas about how to solve some of the pressing education policy issues of our times. A much-needed analysis of how we have been led astray and what we might do about it.” –David C. Berliner, Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Education, Arizona State University

The Power of Teacher Leaders: Their Roles, Influence, and Impact The Power of Teacher Leaders: Their Roles, Influence, and Impact

Co-published with Routledge Education, The Power of Teacher Leaders provides a comprehensive resource for understanding the ways that teacher leaders foster positive change in their schools. Distinct from school administrators, teacher leaders are professionals who remain in the classroom and use their specialized knowledge and skills to improve student achievement, influence others, and build organizational capacity.

An instructor’s guide is available here.

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Edited by Nathan Bond
Foreword by Andy Hargreaves
2014. 240 pages.
ISBN 978-0-415-74165-1

What Reviewers Are Saying
"This collection of nineteen scholarly writings in The Power of Teacher Leaders comes at a perfect time for our schools. The evolving educational landscape with a focus on skills and knowledge for the future truly does require teachers at the forefront as leaders. This book provides a critically comprehensive examination of teacher leadership that ensures socially just and future-oriented schools for students today and in the coming decades. An imperative book for all teachers and school leaders."
Dr. Rosemary Papa, Del and Jewell Lewis Endowed Chair of Learning Centered Leadership, College of Education, Northern Arizona University and Founder of Educational Leaders Without Borders

“Bond and his contributing authors offer as comprehensive a treatment of teacher leadership as I have seen in the literature. The book is unique in that the collection moves beyond the nature of teacher leadership to an exploration of the influence of teacher leaders on their students, colleagues, and broader communities. The scholarship reflects broad, comprehensive, and contemporary teacher leadership issues that the scholars contributing to this volume have been studying for some time.”
—Michelle D. Young, UCEA Executive Director and Professor, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

“An exciting publication and welcome addition to the literature on teacher leadership, this work represents a truly comprehensive overview of teacher leadership, from barriers, to roles, to impact. The chapters on Measuring Teacher Leadership and Impact of Teacher Leadership are particularly insightful and will help to answer the question, ‘Why teacher leadership?’ A gem of a resource for those of us engaged in the work of amplifying the roles and voices of teacher leaders.”
—Katherine Bassett, CEO, NNSTOY

The ABC’s of Classroom Management: An A–Z Sampler for Designing Your Learning Community, Second Edition

Control your classroom! Draw on the ABC’s broad repertoire of expert strategies—expanded in this new edition—to develop classroom expectations and manage student behaviors. Learn more. Authors: Pamela A. Kramer Ertel and Madeline Kovarik

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Author: Pamela A. Kramer Ertel and Madeline Kovarik
2014. 184 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-415-84171-9

What Reviewers Are Saying
This is an excellent little book focusing on the basics of effective discipline. It is well-organized and provides an easy to follow step-by-step format for teachers to utilize. The book is intended to be a guide and resource tool, not a magic solution to the age-old problem of classroom discipline.

The authors provide a list of common classroom problems and offer practical suggestions on how to handle each problem. Discipline has been the number one problem in education for the past 25 years, which clearly indicates that discipline is an ongoing process. The suggestions presented are practical, useful, and can be utilized by both novice and veteran teachers.

This book should be placed in the hands of all teachers at the beginning of the year. The quick search format allows teachers to go immediately to the problem they are encountering. It could also be used as a staff development tool throughout the school year.

The short amount of time required to read the book would be a solid investment for those who deal with students on a day-to-day basis. It could greatly enhance their success as a classroom teacher. The practical experience of the author is evident in that the solutions offered are practical and workable, not just full of theory and what should work. An enjoyable read!

Dr. David E. Lee, Educational Leadership and Research, University of Southern Mississippi.

Experiencing Dewey: Insights for Today’s Classroom, Second Edition Experiencing Dewey: Insights for Today’s Classroom, Second Edition

In this collection of essays, 55 authors consider their favorite Dewey quotations and share how Dewey has impacted their lives—specifically their teaching practices.

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Editors: Donna Adair Breault and Rick Breault
2014. 244 pages.
ISBN 978-0-415-84159-7

What Reviewers Are Saying
“This Second Edition of Experiencing Dewey expands and strengthens an already highly useful text. The Breaults have once again extended Dewey’s legacy by inviting new authors to reimagine contemporary challenges in light of Dewey’s work. This text will no doubt help new and seasoned Dewey readers alike to connect Dewey’s work to the myriad problems we face today.”
—Wesley Null, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Baylor University

“As a teacher educator and former public school teacher, I still find Dewey’s work both formative and transformative. This book reminds us of Dewey’s profound impact on education and the need to reflect and engage in a national discourse about the value of experience in the learning process as we prepare students for the 21st Century.”
—Maria Stallions, Associate Professor, Education, Roanoke University

Experiencing Dewey: Insights for Today’s Classroom, Second Edition Experience and Education: The 60th Anniversary Edition

Essential foundational statement of KDP’s philosophy of education, featuring critical commentaries from Dewey scholars Maxine Greene, Philip Jackson, Linda Darling-Hammond, and O. L. Davis Jr.

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Author: John Dewey
1998. 196 pages.
ISBN 978-0-912099-35-4 (paper)
ISBN 0-912099-51-4 (ebook)

So to Teach: Inspiring Stories that Touch the Heart So to Teach: Inspiring Stories that Touch the Heart

Everyone loves stories!
Teachers need constant fuel to stay motivated and engaged in their teaching. Written by practicing teachers, this collection of heartfelt stories inspires and refreshes, and reminds teachers how they make a difference.

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Edited by Kathie-Jo Arnoff with a foreword by Nel Noddings
2007. 128 pages.
ISBN 978-0-912099-46-0

What Reviewers Are Saying
“The stories here—written by teachers—remind us that no teacher is alone in the hard work, frustration, or joy of teaching.”
—Nel Noddings

Star Teachers of Children in Poverty Star Teachers of Children in Poverty, Second Edition

Given the high-stakes nature of ensuring that students in high-poverty, urban, and rural areas receive an excellent education, this new edition provides concrete suggestions for what readers can do to implement culturally relevant pedagogy and to forge a path to becoming a star teacher.

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Authors: Martin Haberman, Maureen Gillette, Djanna Hill
2018. 180 pages.
ISBN: 9781138722972

The ABC’s of Job-Hunting for Teachers: An A–Z Guide to Landing the Perfect Job, Second Edition The ABC’s of Job-Hunting for Teachers: An A–Z Guide to Landing the Perfect Job, Second Edition

Start your search with the NEW Second Edition. Because it works! Makes your job search easy—online and off. This award-winning ABC-easy guide covers the basic steps of an important process—landing a teaching job. From I for Interview to Y for You’re Hired, this alphabetical guide helps you land the perfect job, even during challenging economic times. Author Mary C. Clement, an authority on education employment, simplifies job-hunting for first-job seekers, teachers returning to the classroom, and career-changers alike.

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Author: Mary C. Clement
2010. 112 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-912099-48-4

The ABC’s of Job-Hunting for Teachers: An A–Z Guide to Landing the Perfect Job, Second Edition The ABC’s of Wellness for Teachers: An A–Z Guide to improving your well-bring in the classroom and out

Expert advice for a balanced lifestyle
How can you keep a healthy and well-balanced life in the midst of all the demands of teaching? Look to teacher-recommended tips from the newest title in KDP's popular ABC's series! Expert authors help you rate your own wellness, improve your habits, protect your time, and rejuvenate your passion for teaching.

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Authors: Teena Ruark Gorrow, Susan Marie Muller, and Kappa Delta Pi
2008. 96 pages.
ISBN 978-0-912099-47-7
aep Finalist

The ABC’s of Job-Hunting for Teachers: An A–Z Guide to Landing the Perfect Job, Second Edition The Induction Connection: Facilitating New Teacher Success

If you are a school administrator, department chair, or teacher leader charged with creating or overhauling an induction and mentoring program, The Induction Connection has everything you need. The expert authors provide practical, step-by-step guidance, ideas, resources (including more than 50 templates and articles), and models for successful induction and mentor training.

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Authors: Mary C. Clement and Elizabeth A. Wilkins.
2011. 196 pages.
ISBN 978-0-912099-50-7