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About the Kappa Delta Pi Record
The Kappa Delta Pi Record, published quarterly in partnership with Taylor & Francis, is a peer-reviewed journal that presents research-based articles on compelling issues relevant to national and international education professionals who work and teach at all levels and in a wide range of disciplines and settings. The Kappa Delta Pi Record promotes professional growth in the field of education by providing articles on evidence-based teaching strategies, reviews of current policy initiatives, examples of applied theories, and reports of original research in language that is accessible and practical.

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Inside the Current Issue
VOL. 56, NO. 3

For the Record
by Christopher H. Tienken, Academic Editor
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Black Progressive Educators of the 1940s: An Overlooked Chapter of Progressivism in American Education
by Craig Kridel

Building Capacity in the Successful Preparation of Teachers of Color: Effective Recruitment Strategies
by Angela Goodloe, Keesha Kerns, and Jillian Ardley

Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Educators
by Jessica N. Essary, Lydia Barza, and Roy J. Thurston

Mindful in Middle School: Strategies for Teachers
by Daria Pizzuto

Tips and Tools for Implementing Progress Monitoring
by Megan Reister and Sheresa Boone Blanchard
In My View
Leading a Tech-Savvy School: Reinventing Learning Through Collaboration and Innovation
by William Sterrett and Jayson W. Richardson

Gateways to Experience
The Inclusion Experience: The Story of Annie and Jamal
by Michele L. Stites and Amy K. Noggle

Curriculum Connections
Mnemonics: A Fun and Effective Way to Remember
by Greg Conderman

Book Review
These 6 Things: How to Focus Your Teaching on What Matters Most
Reviewed by Elizabeth Yomantas

Telling Stories
Beyond the Trailer Park
by Bryan S. Zugelder
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