The Eleanor Roosevelt Chapter was established at the 2011 Convocation and honors men and women who have made significant and longtime contributions of service to KDP as well as demonstrated a commitment to its ideals and to excellence in education.

Meet the Eleanor Roosevelt Chapter Members

Why Eleanor Roosevelt?
Eleanor Roosevelt was known for her belief in human rights, energy and compassion in serving people, involvement in community service, and commitment to educating youth. Known as America’s most influential First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt (October 11, 1884–November 7, 1962) also earned a reputation as a champion and leader of education. She once said, “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely set back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was induced into KDP’s Laureate Chapter in 1949.

Who are Members of the Chapter?
The Eleanor Roosevelt Chapter is composed of a maximum of 100 living members. Membership in the honorary chapter is by nomination and inclusive of all qualifying members—regardless of education position. Membership in the chapter is a lifetime appointment and recognized KDP members who have an extensive history of involvement and commitment to the Society.

How Do You Become a Member?
A nominee must have been an active KDP member for a minimum of 20 years, though they do not need to be currently employed in an education position. Prospective members cannot self-nominate, and officers and employees of the Society are not eligible for nomination until one biennium has elapsed following their term of office or final day of employment. Additionally, nominations will include evidence of satisfying at least 7 of the following 12 criteria, with a minimum of 5 primary criteria:

Primary Criteria
  • Service to a KDP chapter as an Officer or Counselor
  • Significant number of years of service to a KDP chapter
  • National service to KDP – such as committees, chairperson, Executive Council, hosted a regional meeting or conference, served the (former) Foundation in a leadership role, etc.
  • Attending a minimum of 5 KDP Convocations and participated as a volunteer or presenter
  • Sustained donor/contributor to KDP
  • Served as a reviewer of manuscripts or scholarships, published an article or book, and/or served as a volunteer editor
  • Awards or recognition for teaching excellence
  • A leadership role within the education community

Secondary Criteria
  • Participated in a KDP signature service initiative (Reading is Fun!, Literacy Alive, and/or Celebration of Teaching)
  • Established a KDP scholarship at the local level
  • Helped train Counselors regionally or at Convocation
  • Other significant contributions such as excellence in the profession or ambassador for the Society

Who Chooses the Eleanor Roosevelt Inductees?
Current Eleanor Roosevelt Chapter members review all nominations and recommend membership for approval by the KDP Executive Council. Inductees to the Chapter will be recognized and inducted during the 2021 KDP Virtual Convocation.

When are Nominations Due?
Nominations for the 2021 class of inductees were due April 30, 2021. Nominations for the 2023 class will open February 2023.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?
With questions, please contact Chris Beaman, Chief Communications and Partnerships Officer (CCPO) at KDP Headquarters, by emailing or calling 800-284-3167.