Heart of a Guardian

Heart of a Guardian

Heart of a Guardian Medal Heart of a Guardian Medal
Following the Connecticut shooting tragedy that took the lives of three Kadelpians, our membership requested a way to honor fellow educators that have acted selflessly to protect their students. The new “Heart of a Guardian” medal will help recognize courageous KDP educators.

The goal behind this honorary distinction is to recognize KDP members (active or inactive) who are injured or lose their life while protecting students from harm either at the school or at a school-sponsored function.

Recognition: A plaque will remain at KDP Headquarters with a medal sent to the recipient or family.

Selection Process: The member receiving this distinction will be approved by the KDP Executive Council. Recommendations for this honor will be open to all members of KDP.

We are saddened by the need for such a distinction, however we must respond to the reality of today’s world. If you know of other KDP educators who should be recognized through the “Heart of a Guardian” medal, please contact Chris Beaman at (317) 829-1551 or Chris@kdp.org.