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Master Teacher of Honor Criteria

Master Teacher of Honor Criteria

1. Graduate education earned from an accredited institution
2. Building/district level professional development
3. Conference attendance, education-related
4. Presentation, education-related
5. Curriculum development (e.g., district/parish curriculum, state curriculum, test item analysis, reading competencies)
6. Educational travel
7. Acceptance of education-related article
8. Publication of education-related article
9. Publication of education-related book
10. Grant proposal, submitted
11. Grant proposal, funded
12. Educational project
13. National Board Certification portfolio submission
14. Recipient of National Board Certification
15. Service as a K–12 department chair/grade-level leader, or as a higher ed committee chair or project leader/manager
16. Participation in summer professional development seminar (minimum of 10 clock hours to qualify)
17. Involvement with KDP at the local and/or national level
18. Completion of online professional development program/course
19. Leadership role in accreditation [e.g., NCATE, regional accreditation, or specialized professional association (SPA)]
20. Leadership in an educational professional association or organization
21. Recipient of professional award in education
22. Article written for a KDP publication
23. Contribution to a KDP resource, such as Ideas to Go, Resource Roundup, ProPointers
24. Presentation at a KDP chapter meeting
25. Contribution to a new KDP initiative to serve educators
26. Active membership in a professional organization (other than Kappa Delta Pi)
27. Extracurricular student coaching or faculty advisor/sponsor
28. Coordination of an educational activity outside of school
29. Submission of a creative lesson plan (note that recipients’ plans will be posted to KDP teacher resources online)
30. Service as a mentor teacher, peer coach, or professional coach
31. Service in an educational position with a government agency at a local, state, or national level
32. Service as leader in district, school, or higher ed institution (e.g., administrator, department chair, staff development, reading specialist)
33. Participation in action research and/or collaborative research of teaching practices
34. Recognition in local or national media

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