Master Teacher of Honor Recipients

Congratulations to these esteemed educators who were awarded Kappa Delta Pi’s prestigious Master Teacher of Honor!

Master Teacher of Honor recipients are practicing educators who have 15 or more years of professional experience and have demonstrated commitment to continuous professional growth and exemplary integrity in their classroom, research, service, and leadership. For more information about this distinguished award and its criteria, please visit the Teacher of Honor site.

2021 Recipient
Jeremy Utt

Jeremy Utt

Teacher, T. Benton Gayle Middle School
Stafford County Public Schools
Stafford County, Virginia

As a middle school and high school mathematics teacher since 2006, Utt has been passionate about helping his students succeed, wherever they are in the process. “It is important to meet students where they are in terms of their academic development and help them grow their knowledge and skills,” he stated. “I believe all students can learn and achieve.” This is exhibited in his work with students both in gifted programs and with those less fortunate, for which he volunteers his time with after-school tutoring. Additionally, he is sponsor of his school's Junior Beta Club and a member of his school division's Gifted Advisory Committee. Utt qualified as a National Board Certified Teacher in 2013.
2020 Recipient
Chance Nalley

Chance Nalley

Mathematics Teacher, Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Bronx, New York

In his 20 years of teaching, Chance Nalley has taught at several middle schools and high schools, many of them progressive institutions with high-need, at-risk, and diverse student populations. In his teaching assignments, he strives to provide rigorous, innovative instruction for all levels of students with a compassionate and patient manner of instruction. He spends time individually with students and helps to instill a sense of pride and passion in their work. Nalley has held several leadership positions and developed many courses and curricula. He is a recipient of the U.S. Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching.
2019 Recipients
Dr. Man Fung LO

Dr. Man Fung LO

Department of Mathematics and Information Technology
The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Man Fung has been an educator for more than 15 years, teaching courses in data science, statistics, information technology, and business management. He is an outstanding teacher with sound subject knowledge and strong teaching skills. Outside of teaching, Man Fung is active in research and scholarly activities. He has authored many articles in his fields and has served as the editor and reviewer of reputable journals and international conferences. To further his professional development, he gained a number of professional qualifications and memberships, including FBCS CITP, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP., FIMA CSci, CMgr FCMI, PStat® and CStat.

Karrin S. Lukacs

Karrin S. Lukacs

Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
Shenandoah University
Winchester, Virginia

In Lukacs’ many roles at Shenandoah University—including that as a professor and head of several programs—she is a leader among faculty and a steadfast mentor to her students. An Apple Teacher since 2016, Lukacs has been lauded for her expertise in instructional technologies and was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2017. Shenandoah University named her Exemplary Teacher of the Year in 2018. Lukacs has made many contributions to the professional community, including being named to the Fulbright Specialist Roster and as part of several editorial review boards.

Joseph A. Goldberg, PhD

Joseph A. Goldberg, PhD

Teacher, Jamesville-DeWitt High School
DeWitt, New York

An educator who strives to respect and value each of his students, Dr. Goldberg introduces content that is relevant to students’ lives and appeals to multiple learning styles. He wants his students to have an academic curiosity and love of learning, encouraging them to take creative and educational risks. Aside from teaching several courses at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, Goldberg also works as an assistant adjunct professor at Le Moyne College and is developing curriculum for the Media Education program at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He recently earned a doctorate in Teaching and Curriculum and a CAS in Designing Digital Instruction.

Solomon Willis

Mathematics Instructor/Math and Foreign Language Department Chair
Cleveland Community College
Shelby, North Carolina

Willis’ 20-year career in teaching mathematics has included teaching nearly every branch and level of mathematics, from middle school through college age. He has shown great dedication to his students and in their individual learning styles. In striving to make learning interesting and current, he employs current technological tools in his teaching methods, including online learning. He is known for not only relating to his own students, but also for going above and beyond within the entire college, whether helping with registration, serving on committees, being an advisor, or mentoring instructors both within and outside his department.

2018 Recipients

Nicole J. Martone

English Department Head/English Teacher
Danbury High School
Danbury, Connecticut

As English Department Head at Danbury High School, Nicole Martone informs teachers of new pedagogical techniques and effective methods for teaching and lesson planning. She is always willing to provide insight and feedback, showing empathy to her teachers and recognizing best practices. She is known for her work in developing a supportive, positive educational climate and strives to maintain a welcoming and safe environment for all. Martone is greatly involved in curriculum work, and she has received numerous grants to allow her students to take enriching field trips and have access to innovative instructional materials.

Nicole A. Simon, PhD

Nicole A. Simon, PhD

Associate Professor
Engineering/Physics/Technology Department
Nassau Community College
Garden City, New York

At Nassau Community College, Dr. Simon is highly involved with both college and departmental activities, including being assistant chairperson for the department and area coordinator of General Science Studies, as well as a leader in academic assessment. Her focus in teaching is in developing enriching lessons for students and applying knowledge of her field in real-life settings. Simon has developed laboratory activities for several courses, and she strives to give her students frequent opportunities for tactile demonstrations. She is known for being passionate, reflective, and creative, and for continuously seeking improvement in her teaching.
2017 Recipient

Anji Reddy Nalamalapu

Sunflower County Consolidated School District/Gentry High School
Indianola, MS

An exceptional education teacher in Biology and Algebra, Nalamalapu motivates students to reach their full potential by creating a classroom environment that encourages creativity, risk-taking, self-respect, and discovery. His commitment to and concern for students is reflected in his many prestigious honors, including serving as the 2017 Teacher of the Year for Gentry High School. In 2016, he was named Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year for Mississippi by the Council of Exceptional Children. Nalamalapu’s students in special education have passed state standardized exams in large part from his grant procurements and dedicated guidance.
2016 Recipients
Lisa S. Bircher
East Palestine City Schools
East Palestine, OH
Known for her contagious enthusiasm for science, Bircher has demonstrated a passion for motivating students with experiential learning for more than 23 years. She co-created a high school science club and spearheaded the creation of an outdoor “classroom.” Bircher feels that teaching is a place of growth and development, with reflection and free conversation with peers and students as critical elements in becoming a more effective teacher. She develops lessons that connect to the lives of her students, allowing them to have experiences to draw upon for future inquiry.

Stephanie Kelley
Spanish Teacher, Beaufort High School
Beaufort, SC
A high school Spanish teacher of all levels for the last 15 years, Stephanie Kelley has shown dedication to her students and her colleagues, both in and out of the classroom. While teaching, she most enjoys having the opportunity to change the future and impact her students in a positive way. And she is known for being generous in sharing her knowledge of best practices as well as leading workshops with fellow faculty members, while involving herself in school activities as a coach, sponsor, and valuable team member. Stephanie is currently working toward earning her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. She has been a member of Kappa Delta Pi since 2010.

Dr. Reynaldo L. Duran
Educational Consultant, Region 18 Education Service Center
Midland, TX
Dr. Reynaldo Duran currently serves as an Educational Consultant and Regional Mathematics Specialist for Texas Education Agency’s Region 18 Education Service Center. He provides technical support to school districts, administrators, and teachers in the region in designing and implementing effective high school mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessments. For more than eight years, Dr. Duran taught Mathematics at Dapitan City National School in Dapitan City, Philippines. Dr. Duran came to the United States in the fall of 2006 through the Visiting International Faculty (VIF) Program—now VIF International Education. Dr. Duran is a lifetime member of Kappa Delta Pi, and has previously been named a Teacher of Honor and Classroom Teacher Grant recipient.

2015 Recipients
Marian Jackson-Scott Erica McDonald
Cobb County Schools, Georgia
Much of McDonald’s teaching career has been dedicated to serving at-risk children and other disadvantaged students. As a middle school teacher and founder of an organization to help teen parents continue their education, she aspires to be an inspirational teacher and leader. In doing so, she continues to carry out the legacy of her great-great-grandfather, civil rights leader and educator Booker T. Washington.

Marian Jackson-Scott Marian Jackson-Scott
Project Coordinator, Teacher Preparation Student Support Services Program, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA
Marian Jackson-Scott coordinates the Teacher Preparation Student Services Support Program at UL Lafayette. Known for being a strong motivator throughout her 18 years in education, she yearns to provide greater opportunities for students and encourage them to further their achievements. Jackson-Scott’s dedication to the future of education and support of her students is evident in her myriad of service and leadership roles. A doctoral student at the University of New Orleans, she is a frequent workshop presenter, published author, community volunteer, and mentor to both teachers and students.

2014 Recipient
Brother Patrick Howlett Brother Patrick Howlett
Principal, Parramatta Marist High School
Westmead, New South Wales, Australia
Brother Patrick Howlett has 50 years of experience in education, the last 25 of which as a principal in Catholic Schools in Sydney. He joined the staff at Parramatta Marist as Principal in 2002. In 2005, concerned with his students’ engagement in curriculum, Br. Patrick took sabbatical leave to find the best educational practices domestically and abroad. This research and consultation lead to the introduction of Project-Based Learning in 2008 for Year 9 (later extended to Years 7, 8, and 10), Problem-Based Learning in 2010 called One-Five-One for Year 11, and Flipped Learning in 2013 for Year 12 at Paramatta Marist, the success of which garnered local, national, and international media attention. In 2012, Br. Howlett was awarded a Papal Honor, the Croce Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, by Pope Benedict XVI. It is the highest recognition awarded to a member of a religious order.

2013 Recipients
Dr. Clinton Smith Dr. Clinton Smith
Assistant Professor of Special Education
University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN
A former practicing middle and high school educator and behavior intervention specialist, Dr. Clinton Smith believes that educators can be most effective when they are involved in the lives of the students. He has acted as educator, disciplinarian, counselor, coach, and father to his students—all in the same day. In his extensive research and work as a special education instructor, he has studied and executed the principles of applied behavior analysis to control problematic behaviors in the classroom. He is currently assistant professor of special education and the co-advisor for KDP’s Alpha Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at The University of Tennessee at Martin.

Ann M. Harvey, Ed.D. Ann M. Harvey, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Reading Education
Western New Mexico University, Silver City, NM
A teacher of reading for all of her professional career, Harvey works closely with students and preservice teachers to improve their reading and critical thinking abilities and has special expertise in remedial situations. Always willing to take on extra tasks, she is praised for her high energy, positive disposition, and level of commitment. Among her accomplishments, Harvey implemented a tutoring program using teacher candidates to help school children with reading problems, thereby encouraging the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and professionalism.

Dr. Henry Oh Dr. Henry Oh
Associate Professor/Director, Respiratory Therapy Program
San Juan College, Farmington, NM
Known for urging every student to achieve his or her best, Oh takes personal interest in helping students recognize their talents, achieve their goals, and overcome obstacles, both during their education and beyond. In turn, he is one of the highest student-rated professors ever at San Juan College. Oh holds many professional appointments and achievements in the respiratory therapy field and at the college, and was a driving force for the development and accreditation of the college’s respiratory therapy program.

Dr. Henry Oh was featured by KOB4 News in New Mexico after he received the distinction of Master Teacher of Honor.

Dr. Julia M. Reffel Dr. Julia M. Reffel
Professor, Department of Early Childhood & Special Education
Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA
At the center of Reffel’s 30-year career is her dedication to special education and reading education. As a special education teacher, she advocated for her students, making sure they had the necessary resources to learn, and defended their rights to receive the public education warranted by law. With her preservice teachers, she conveys the importance of students taking responsibility for their own learning and being accountable for the quality of their instruction. Highly respected, she is known for her positive manner, leadership capabilities, and insightfulness.

2012 Recipients
Dr. Cheryl Avila Dr. Cheryl Avila
Clinical Coordinator
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
An exemplary model of a lifelong learner, Avila taught secondary mathematics for 22 years before beginning her full-time doctoral studies. She is known for continuously striving for self-improvement and growth in her mathematics teaching. She takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching—such as art with mathematics and matrices with cryptography—allowing students to understand the relevance, take ownership of their education, and strive for higher goals.

Sir David Santandreu Calonge Sir David Santandreu Calonge
Educational Designer for Curriculum Design and IT Initiatives
Lingnan University, Hong Kong
A native of France, but working for most of his professional career in Hong Kong, Santandreu Calonge inspires students and colleagues with his recognized clear, innovative, passionate methods of teaching and staff development. As a teacher of the French language and fluent in many others, he has worked for 19 years in numerous multicultural settings, offering expertise in teaching, research, senior administration, and leadership.

Marilyn J. Cook Marilyn J. Cook
K–12 Reading Instructor/District Dyslexia Specialist
Port Aransas Independent School District, Port Aransas, TX
For nearly 30 years, Cook’s life’s work has been teaching reading and developing exciting, relevant lessons, while meaningfully connecting with her students. Known for her patience and compassion, Cook’s focus is about caring for kids and motivating them to learn. She uses methods that go beyond homework and standardized testing and often employ Cook’s talent and passion for art. Outside the classroom, she has been very involved with KDP, serving on committees, as a reviewer, and as Professional Representative on the 2010­–2012 Executive Council.

Dr. Lisa L. Rollins Dr. Lisa L. Rollins
Chairwoman and Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
Langston University, Langston, OK
As both an undergraduate educator and public relations/journalism industry professional, Rollins’ expertise and connections provide her students unique opportunities for real-life experience, with the campus newspaper lab and television and radio stations, and through the local business community. She is known for her charismatic teaching style, selfless mentorship, and strong leadership skills. Rollins actively seeks her students’ points of view and encourages their development.

2011 Recipient
Dr. Julia Schroeder Dr. Julia Schroeder
Vice President for Instruction/Professor of Mathematics and Physics
John A. Logan College, Carterville, Illinois
As an innovator, leader, mentor, and professor, Dr. Schroeder has impacted both her educational community and the southern Illinois area. She spearheaded efforts to implement the College’s first online degree program, created a mentoring program for adjunct professors, and continues to develop innovative methods for course delivery. Most importantly, though, she is highly regarded as a caring, inspiring, and commanding, educator.