What were people reading and listening to in 2018? Articles, webinars, and other resources from KDP, of course! Check out what you might have missed. Here you will find the Top 10 most downloaded resources in 2018 as well as the Top 10 Editors’ Picks from material published in 2018 and the Top 10 most visited blogs.
Top 10 Resources Downloaded in 2018

Distributed Leadership
By James P. Spillane

Introduction to “Racial Inequality and Education: Patterns and Prospects for the Future”
By Pedro A. Noguera

A Framework for School Safety and Risk Management: Results From a Study of 18 Targeted School Shooters
By Ann Marie C. Lenhardt, Lemuel W. Graham, & Melissa L. Farrell

Content, Process, and Product: Modeling Differentiated Instruction
By Barbara Kline Taylor

Effective Multi-Sensory Strategies for Students With Dyslexia

By Jeremy R. Mills

A Self-Regulatory Approach to Classroom Management: Empowering Students and Teachers

By M. Kay Alderman & Suzanne MacDonald

15 Tips for New Teachers From a Veteran Teacher
By Jennifer Holloway

5 Keys to a Good Student Teaching Experience
By Stephen J. Bugaj

6 Non-Negotiables for a Successful Differentiated Classroom (webcast)
By Christopher Maddox

Grouping Students for Success (podcast)
By Glenda L. Ogletree
Top 10 Editors’ Picks From 2018 Resources

Seeing and Supporting Twice-Exceptional Learners
By Chin-Wen Lee & Jennifer A. Ritchotte

Preparing Future Mainstream Teachers to Teach English Language Learners: A review of the Empirical Literature

By Ana Maria Villegas, Kit SaizdeLaMora, Adrian D. Martin, & Tammy Mills

Teacher Stress and Coping Strategies: A National Snapshot

By Jan Richards

Personalizable Education for Greatness

By Yong Zhao

Meeting in the Middle: Eight Strategies for Conflict Mediation in Your Classroom

By Katherine Landau Wright, Matthew J. Etchells, & Nancy T. Watson

Relationship-Centered Teaching: Addressing Racial Tensions in Classrooms

By H. Richard Milner IV

New Teacher Advocate
10 Strategies to Take Your Classroom From “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” to “Classroom, Sweet Classroom”
By Barb Meier

5 Strategies for Working With Paraprofessionals
By Lydia Gerzel-Short & Greg Conderman

Changing the Classroom Narrative: Lessons From Lupin, Lockhart, and Mad-Eye Moody (webcast)

What Every Teacher Needs to Understand About Poverty: Meeting the Educational Challenge (webcast)

Top 10 Most Visited Blogs in 2018
Seven Tips for Preparing for the PRAXIS Elementary Education Exam: Multiple Subjects (5001)
By Scott Rozell

7 Qualities of a Teacher Leader
By Karen DeLawter

The Scientific Method Outside of Science Class

By Sally Rushmore

Are We Asking the Right Questions About Instructional Coaching?

By David Knight

Workplace Bullying in Schools: Teachers Speak Out
By Amy Orange

Top Websites for Inclusive Classrooms

Intersectional Thinking as a Tool for Educational Equity

By Roderick L. Carey, Laura S. Yee, & David DeMatthews

But It’s Only a Theory! A Case for Great Science Teaching in Elementary School
By Lauren Madden

Getting Political About Teacher Preparation for Multilingual Learners
By Kathryn Strom

A Framework for School Safety and Risk Management

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