Apps for Student Work

Dexteria Dots 2
Dexteria Dots 2 helps sharpen children’s motor and math skills. Students learn simple math concepts such as number comparisons, counting, and addition and subtraction. There are four levels of difficulty for each of the three scenarios to offer unlimited engaging and replay functionality. ($2.99)

This free app offers bookmarking and annotation tools to help research term papers, and it also offers a new bookmarklet on the iPad to highlight web pages, bookmark a page with tags, add a sticky note, and store bookmarks and annotations in a Diigo account. To install the bookmarklet, visit the Diigo Toolbar page in the iPad Safari browser, and tap on “Web Highlighter for iPad.”

The EcoMUVE project aims to help middle school students develop a deeper understanding of ecosystems and causal patterns with a curriculum that uses Multi‐User Virtual Environments (MUVEs). These recreate authentic ecological settings within which students explore and collect information. It includes two, two-week modules within a four-week inquiry-based ecosystems curriculum.

Think of this as Pinterest for Educators, except better and more focused on teachers’ and students’ specific needs. Teachers and students can collect their resources, interact with materials socially, and can create portfolios easily. From their website: “eduClipper is born out of the educational need for teachers and students to have a better platform to explore, share, and contribute resources and materials to help enhance teaching and learning of both a formal and personal nature.”

Teachers can use Edmodo to have secure classroom discussions, post assignments, track grades, and more. Students can visit the virtual classroom to access assignments.


This app turns your iPad into a whiteboard that records writing, drawing, and voice. Teachers can tutor students from afar, help students by working through an example problem, share lessons via email and social media, and much more.

Geography Drive USA
Knowledge fuels your car as you drive coast-to-coast to learn about the 50 states. Students can learn state capitals, landmarks, rivers, railroads, time zones, and more. Bonus games, visitor centers, and trophies keep the motivation going.

Geometric Cabinet
This app is ideal for preK students to help them identify mathematical shapes. A voice prompt goes over the different geometric shapes including the circle, triangle, and square. A more advanced level includes the pentagon, hexagon, and heptagon. The voice command instructs the user to place the shapes in their corresponding boxes. If the wrong shape is selected it will flash and remain where it is, prompting the user to try again until they match up the relevant shapes in the box. ($2.99)

iTunes U
Access complete courses—and a deep inventory of free educational content—from schools and libraries around the world. Study history at Yale, physics at MIT, or sociology at Berkeley, to name a few. In other words, study anything you want and get information that you learn in a classroom setting, but straight from your digital device.

Math Bingo
Solving numeric problems gets a player closer to yelling “Bingo!” and each score earns bug rewards.

These educational games for all levels of learners will improve students’ proficiency with several foreign languages, math, vocabulary, geography, and even SAT tests.

My Math Flash Cards
Students can practice math functions without the old-fashioned flash cards, using the starter or the advanced level questions. Sound effects provide feedback for the randomly generated flash cards.

Musical Instruments
This app by Mobile Montessori aims to teach students about musical instruments. Twenty-seven different instruments are displayed on the screen and students can click on each one to hear the name of the instrument, read a brief description of the instrument, zoom in to see a larger image of the instrument by pressing the magnifying icon, and listen to the instrument. ($2.99)

Phonics Genius
This free app contains more than 6,000 words grouped by phonics sounds. Students will learn to recognize and distinguish words by sounds. Flashcards have a continuous looping feature with customizable speed and variable (easy to difficult) game modes.

Presidents vs. Aliens
Help the presidents defeat the aliens and learn presidential facts, quotes, nicknames, and historical events in the process. Adjust types of questions to fit the level of student, or even adults. Who wouldn’t enjoy flinging presidents at aliens?

Communicate with students safely and simply. Teachers can send one-way, mass-text messages and reminders—about homework, tests, special events—to the entire class without sharing phone numbers, and without parents and students being able to reply.


This app has a complete curriculum to meet common core standards across grades K–5 for language arts and math, including sample questions and real time assessments. Teachers can measure student proficiency, and students can gain mastery of the standards.

Signed Stories

This app aims to improve the literacy of deaf children by telling stories in American Sign Language. With each book read, students can add words to their video dictionary. The app and first story are free; additional stories can be purchased separately.

This classroom simulator allows preservice and in-service teachers, administrators, and others to explore instructional strategies, examine classroom management techniques, and practice building relationships with students in order to increase their learning.

Smart Seat
Your seating charts go paperless with this app, with which you can create seating charts, upload student photos, make notes about each student, record and export attendance, choose students for participation, move students by dragging and dropping, and more.

This response system allows students to respond to multiple-choice, short-answer, and quiz game questions on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Results are displayed as bar graphs and can be exported as reports.

This Scholastic e-reader app has books embedded with questions, learning activities, and pop-up dictionary definitions. Five free books come with the app download; additional books can be purchased.

Sushi Monster

Place sushi pieces near the monster and make a correct equation to feed the monster. Students can practice, reinforce, and improve math fluency, with twelve levels of increasing difficulty.

This app is a personal organizer designed for the classroom. Create class lists, take attendance, enter grades, manage student data, make seating charts, monitor behavior, and more.

Virtual Frog Dissection
Whether you have frogs to dissect or not, start with the virtual dissection. Students who miss time or simply cannot stomach working with a real frog will benefit. Show the whole class what to look for as they proceed.

This free, game-based learning site has over 100 games and activities covering a wide range of subjects. Students can explore and play while learning lessons about the real world. Teachers have access to tools to sign up students as part of a Whyville class with activities already included for support for classroom instruction.

World Landmarks Explorer
Peapod Labs designed this app to enhance student understanding and appreciation of geography. Featuring more than 100 landmarks from 53 different countries, students can explore various historical sites simply by touching the photograph on the screen. Students can select a photo of interest and learn more about the image, where it is located, and visually see it on a map. ($2.99)

You Can Handle Them All
This discipline tool covers nearly every type of student misbehavior in the classroom—from the class clown to the bully to the blabbermouth. It indicates possible explanations of that student’s behavior and the best ways to curb it.
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