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Career Center

Career Center

Are you looking for your first teaching job? Or are you further along in your career—looking for an administrator job or a position at a university? You’ll want to visit the KDP Career Center often. The KDP Career Center has everything you need; KDP Global’s Job Search Academy will support you through your search with discussions, blogs, and events each month as well as copies of everything you see in the KDP Career Center (click the Library and then Switch to Folder View).

This may be the first time you’ve had to create a résumé or you may be creating one for an entirely different type of position. That section has a variety of samples to view as well as detailed instructions. Letters are not difficult when you design them with the research you did on the school in mind and match them to your individualized personal profile at the top of your résumé. Examples that coordinate with the résumés are provided. If you are applying for an administrator position or college faculty position, you’ll need to compile a curriculum vitae (CV). Learn how; then, view some samples.

If you wonder what to put in your portfolio or if you need an online ePortfolio, that section will be helpful to you. You’ll learn about different types of portfolios, see samples, and get links to create your own ePortfolio. Get the Plus version of ViewYou for only $12 a year too!

Resumes and Cover LettersResumes and Cover Letters
Creating a Résumé
Compiling a CV
Crafting a Cover Letter
Getting Certifications
Knowing What You Need
Being Professional
Understanding Portfolios
Building an ePortfolio
Using ViewYou

How do you know where to apply? Should you apply even if there are no job openings in your area? Learn to network to find jobs and get inside information. Plus we’ve got links to all the right places both here and in KDP Global’s Job Search Academy whether you are applying to charter schools, public schools, or private schools—or looking for that wonderful first faculty position.

Watch real interviews and hear what a hiring administrator wants to hear you say! How should you prepare? Some of those questions are tricky? How do you turn a negative into a positive?

What other options do you have? What if it is August and you haven’t gotten a job offer? Go to the Career Steps and Graduate School sections.

Job SearchJob Search
Networking and Job Fairs
Public, Private, or Other Job Postings
Preparing for the Interview
Participating in Interviews
After the Interview
Career StepsCareer Steps
Substitute Teaching
Applying for Aide Jobs
Options for Ed Majors

Are you considering graduate school? Should you start your master’s immediately? Or have you been teaching a while and wonder if you should get a second or third master’s or a doctorate?

You may have been a teacher leader or a mentor and now you are moving toward an administrator’s license or looking for your first job as an administrator. Find out how to land that job.

Many KDP members eventually become college faculty. Is that something you aspire to do? When is the right time? How do you land that first position? Do you want a tenure track?

Graduate SchoolGraduate School
Pros and Cons
When, Why Attend
Application Process
What is Involved
Who Should Do It
Finding a Position
College FacultyCollege Faculty
What's It All About
Am I Suited for It
Finding a Position

If you don’t find the information you need, join the discussion at KDP Global’s Job Search Academy and someone will answer your questions or give you ideas of where to find what you need.

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