12 Tips to Make the Most of Job Fairs

  1. Register for job fairs in your desired work location; check with local colleges, universities, and school districts for upcoming events. Check with your state department of education for state-wide events. Depending on the event type, you may be asked to register in person, via mail or online.
  2. Create a placement file/packet (online or paper) with your résumé and letters of recommendation.
  3. Carry extra résumés or placement files with you! If you anticipate leaving résumés with certain schools at this fair, attach a customized cover letter with each résumé.
  4. Contact the job fair coordinator(s) to find out which school districts will be attending. Also inquire if interviews will be held on-site, and if you should know any other last-minute details.
  5. When a district plans to host interviews on-site, call the district before the scheduled fair to see if you can get on their interview roster.
  6. Don’t be intimidated if you happen to see 500 people in the parking lot. If you are prepared, you will stand out!
  7. Take time between registering and attending the job fair to research all the school districts that interest you.
  8. Plan and rehearse (speak out loud in front of a mirror) the introduction you will use when approaching the recruiter’s table. Plan concise, professional comments and practice speaking clearly. Consider including your name, specific skills, grades, or content you hope to teach, and why you want to work in that district (based on your research). Be prepared for follow-up questions about yourself and your goals.
  9. Craft your responses to standard interview questions in case the opportunity for a full interview arises.
  10. When the big day arrives, dress for success and be ready to give your best marketing pitch as to why you are the best candidate for the job.
  11. Be sure to collect the business cards of each school recruiter you encounter, which allows for easy follow-up after the event is over. Make notes on the backs of the cards to help you remember distinctive things about each.
  12. Following the job fair, write a brief, hand-written thank you note to each administrator you talked with and send any pertinent follow-up paperwork or a link to your online portfolio to the appropriate school recruiters.