Resources for New Teachers

Novice Notes

The first years for any new teacher can be the toughest. One of KDP’s main goals is to help new teachers and the staff and faculty who support them through this time.

We can help with a variety of resources that cover everything from the new teacher’s first job search to tips in areas where all new teachers need extra help and coaching: classroom management, instructional strategies, family communications, content area, assessment, and more.

KDP is also able to help schools, districts, support staff and faculty to provide resources that help teachers enrich the education of students and elevate the teaching profession. Our resources and community of educators enhances new teachers’ desire to serve children; develop mentoring skills; increase dedication; encourage collaborative spirit; build management and leadership skills; and increase self-discipline, reliability, and world knowledge.
KDP Supports New Teachers in Their Job Search
KDP has a series of webinars annually on searching for teaching positions, creating a résumé and cover letters, interviewing, and more. The 2016 Job Search Summit includes a free professional résumé review and coaching for those who watch a webinar, answer a short survey, and post in KDP Global.
KDP Global, our online community, contains a special area for job searchers with nearly 200 resources. It also contains a special area for new teachers which contains many resources as well as coaches to answer questions.

KDP Supports New Teachers Through Topical Webinars
Two to three times a month, KDP airs a webinar on a specific topic. Many of these are on topics that new teachers need, often focused on subject areas or grade levels. Webinars can be attended live or the recording can be downloaded for watching later. Certificates of Attendance are available either way. View some of our past webinars on YouTube.

KDP Supports New Teachers With Short, Easy-to-Implement Articles
Novice Notes is especially designed for new teachers. It is one double-sided page which usually includes websites and steps to take. Topics include various aspects of getting the first teaching job, working with English learners, classroom management, professionalism, student teaching, and substitute teaching. View Novice Notes.
New Teacher Advocate, available as an online page-turner as well as in print, is a 20-page quarterly magazine designed for students, student teachers or interns, and beginning teachers. Its succinct one- and two-page articles provide support through steps to take, resources, patterns to follow, tips, and lots of practical applications. Topics include teaching strategies; classroom management; implementing common core; first job; relationships with families, colleagues, and administrators; differentiation; and professionalism. Bulk subscriptions are available to be used in induction programs.
Educator Resources with tools and tips for new teachers is delivered to the teacher’s inbox monthly. It contains news they can use, websites to help them, and links to upcoming webinars and events.

KDP Supports New Teachers With Books and Regional Training
The ABC’s of Classroom Management: An A–Z Sampler for Designing Your Learning Community, 2nd Edition, by Pamela A. Kramer Ertel and Madeline Kovarik. This practical, alphabetical guide includes help for relationship building, communication, discipline, behavior management, and newer topics such as cyberbullying, violence prevention, social media, and substitute teachers.
Regional iLead Workshops (full-day interactive institutes) help participants apply their knowledge and experience to become teacher leaders and make a difference in the lives of their students, their school building, and the education profession overall.
Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading will help you become more effective in working with diverse communities. This one-day conference will focus on multicultural topics including culturally responsive pedagogy, the role of privilege and bias, sexism and gender discrimination, and sexual minorities.
ELL one-day workshops are designed to help teachers become more effective in their work with English language learners.

KDP Supports Induction and Mentoring Programs
The Induction Connection provides practical, step-by-step guidance, ideas, resources (including more than 50 templates and articles), and models for a successful induction program and mentor training.

Meetings to Go offer thought-provoking pre- and post-questions to spark dialogue and engage participants in discussion when watching a webinar as a group.

Application activities for New Teacher Advocate articles link to the online version of the magazine and can be used as icebreakers at induction meetings or a means of learning and applying the material in a single article or an entire issue.