Recommended Links

Arts & Crafts in the Classroom

Crayola Creativity Center
Art-related activities targeted to elementary-age students.

Aunt Annie’s Crafts
Craft ideas for elementary-age students.

Arts advocacy site that includes lesson plans.


Varsity Tutors
Get classroom assessment tools, including free digital classroom assessment software that allows teachers to give assignments and evaluate progress. Also create practice tests and flashcards.

A free tool for developing project-based rubrics.

Steps for Creating a Rubric
Two strategies for developing rubrics using the Common Core State Standards are depicted in the table below. The one on the left incorporates the use of student work, whereas the one on the right does not. In both cases, the standards quoted come from HS level CCSS.

Creating a Rubric Online Tutorial
This tutorial covers what rubrics are and how they benefit you and your students, how to create a rubric, and how to judge the quality of your rubrics.


Positively Autism
is a newsletter with free articles, resources, and teaching materials.

Teacher Vision
Audience: Educators and Students
This site has resources packed with strategies and techniques to help students with autism and their peers interact with each other. Learn different approaches that promote social development, including both teacher-initiated and student-initiated techniques.

Brain-Compatible Instruction

Discovery School
A categorized archive of brain-boosting activities to help students increase higher-order thinking skills.

Brain Boosters
Grade Level: All
Discovery Education’s Brain Boosters is a categorized archive of brain-boosting activities to help students increase higher-order thinking skills. Recommended by KDP member Marilyn Cook, Port Aransas, TX.

Bulletin Boards

A to Z Teacher Stuff
Teacher-tested tips for creating bulletin boards.

Character Education

Learning to Give
Lesson plans, activities, and resources to educate youth about the power of philanthropy.

Good Character
Free resources, materials, and lesson plans for character education.

Classroom Management

Really Big List of Classroom Management Resources
Links to resources for classroom management.

Can Teach
Suggestions on discipline and organization in the classroom.

Pro Teacher
Tips and guidelines for running a more efficient classroom.

Classroom Resources

What to Learn U.S.A.
Free access to 400-plus games and educational activities in a range of subjects, including math, history, and science.

Fun Brain
Online educational games in math, grammar, science, spelling, and history for kids of all ages.

Global SchoolNet
Partners with schools, communities, and businesses to provide collaborative educational, scientific, and cultural learning activities.

Teacher Link
Links to free teacher resources, including materials provided by NASA.

abc teach
5,000+ free printable pages and worksheets.

National Geographic
A great resource for information to supplement classroom textbooks.

PBS Teacher Source
Lessons and activities by subject.

New York Times Learning Network
News, resources, lesson plans, and “On This Day in History” for classroom use.

Library of Congress
Locate book, journal, and article resources, access historical collections, and find multilingual resources on culture.

Google Earth
This FREE website is a 3-D satellite view of Earth that can be zoomed in down to street level view in many places. Be a world traveler, explore the planet's biomes or great architecture, or see the incredible natural formations of the Earth. Calculate distances and connect real places around the world to literature.
Recommended by KDP member Jessica Hester.

My Webspiration
Audience: Professional educator, teacher
You can sign up for a free trial of both Webspiration Classroom and WebspirationPRO, helping students to improve their thinking and writing skills, and allowing teachers to brainstorm, use visual thinking, and collaborate, respectively.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmila Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY.

Revolver Maps
Audience: All
Revolver Maps are interactive visitor globes rendered by the Revolver Engine, a strongly specialized 3-D converter.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmila Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY.

Teaching Heart
Audience: K–3 teachers
This site offers great ideas for units, holidays, and the reading curriculum. Find printables, lessons, activity sheets, and more.
Recommended by KDP member Madeline Kovarik, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL.

Common Core & Standards-Based Curriculum

Common Core Math Resources
This Edutopia blog offers resources for high school mathematics teachers that will help communicate how common core will shift high school math classrooms, with example videos, articles about assessment, and lists of tech tools for educators.

Common Core Sample Questions
Audience: Grades 3–8 students and teachers
To aid in transition to the Common Core standards everywhere, the New York State Education Department developed sample 3–8 math and ELA questions to show how the Common Core should drive instruction and how students will be assessed. Educators and parents will benefit from gaining a better understanding of the instructional shift required by the standards.
Recommended by Keon Ruiter, Professional Representative of the KDP Executive Council.

Differentiated Instruction

Internet4Classrooms: Helping Teachers Use the Internet Effectively
What do you most want to know about differentiated instructional techniques? Start with this index page, categorized and with descriptions, to find what you need. This i4c site offers various links under these sections:Learning Styles, Instructional Theory, Practical Tips for the Classroom, and Sample Units and Lessons.

Digital Citizenship & Online Safety

Facebook Bullying Poster
Hang this poster in your classroom to remind all students and teachers how to conduct themselves on Facebook and other social media sites, how to be safe from outsiders, and also to inform students about “Facebullying,” an increasingly common, and dangerous, form of cyberbullying. Download the poster from Fuzion.

Drug Education
National Drug Facts Week Teaching Guide and Resources
Audience: Teachers, students, parents
To help you plan for National Drug Facts Week or simply start a discussion in your classroom or with an individual, start with this site. Resources include pamphlets to dispel the myths and give the facts, posters, interactives and videos, a blog, surveys, questions for students, and much more.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Audience: Students and Teachers
This user-friendly site has information, interactives and classroom activities, CSI-type web adventures, printables, articles, lesson plans, quizzes, and more, including links to more resources.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Audience: Parents, Teachers
A good support site with clear information, community resources, stories of hope, guides, and a parent toolkit.

Project Know: Substance Abuse and Addiction Education
Audience: Teachers, parents, anyone using drugs and those who care about them
This website has a number of excellent resources that can be used to educate yourself about drugs, so read them thoroughly. The more accurate knowledge a person has, the better his or her ability will be to make an accurate and informed decision. Having accurate information is the best way to identify yourself as a knowledgeable teacher that your students, whether children, teens, or adults, will listen to.

Safety Center Incorporated

Safety Center provides important safety education for children, teens and adults to keep them safe in the community, on the road and on the job.

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World
The Truth About Drugs Education Package contains practical tools to educate young people about substance abuse.

The Web site provides numerous links to creative teaching ideas for the 20 National Voluntary Standards in Economics that advance learning economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. The Instructional Resources and Cool Stuff for the Classroom sections give links to video clips, Web sites, and innovative ideas for teaching introductory economics.

Financial Football
Link to this free, interactive money-management football computer game and high school curriculum that helps teens learn how to manage money wisely. "Financial Football,” developed in conjunction with the NFL and PLAYERS INC, tests students’ fiscal knowledge by combining the structure and rules of the NFL with financial education questions of varying difficulty. At the Practical Money Skills for Life site, educators can find many games and lessons plans to help students understand finances. Practical Money Skills for Life also offers numerous resources to help anyone become financially literate.

English as a New Language
Resources for Teaching English as a Second Language
Learning English has never been easy. Help your ESL students learn this new language with the guide 50 Essential Resources for ESL. Find online resources for learning and teaching English, including interactive lessons, games and quizzes, and instructional podcasts and videos, targeting grammar and usage, spelling and pronunciation, and vocabulary and writing.

Masters in ESL
Find information regarding ESL and TESOL teaching, with FREE lesson plans, information on teacher certification and jobs, and blog posts.

Foreign Language Teaching Forum
Advice, lessons, ideas, and encouragement from foreign language instructors.

Breaking News English
Ready-to-use, free EFL/ESL daily lesson plans based on current affairs. Each lesson plan contains a news article, communications activities, pair work, and reading and vocabulary exercises.

ESL Partyland
Audience: K–12 students and teachers
A fun place to teach and learn English as a Second Language! Students will find online ESL learning tools, like quizzes, games, and topical lessons. Teachers can get great ideas and materials to use in class: music, film, video, lesson plans, and more.

is a free online video Web site designed to help preschool and English as Second Language (ESL) children learn English words. Over 500 online activities, available in a special “word show” format, encourage children to watch, listen, and learn.

Foreign Languages

Jim Becker’s Home Page
Audience: All
Looking for a multitude of foreign language resources or some basics about a particular language? University of Northern Iowa Professor Emeritus Jim Becker has created the place to start. Teachers and students can find a variety of languages and resources as well as other language sites to aid teaching and learning a language. There’s fun stuff, too. Check out the site meter to see from where in the world the site’s hits hail.

Government Educational Sites

Department of Energy

Argonne National Laboratory


U.S. Treasury Kids Zone
Audience: All
This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Treasury, with links to government agencies and offices. Find plenty of interesting facts and games, like the “coin of the month,” career information, the lawmaking process, and much more.
Recommended by KDP member Madeline Kovarik, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL.

US EPA Teaching Resources
Audience: PreK–12
The Environmental Protection Agency has assembled a list of websites and documents about basic environmental issues, meant for use in the classroom. Recommended by KDP member Stephanie Schaefer.


The Library of Congress: Webcasts
Over the past six years, the Library of Congress has documented several hundred talks, discussions, and conferences that have taken place under its leadership. On this site, visitors have access to all of these talks in their entirety, along with webcasts from the National Book Festival. Visitors can scan through a complete list of all 303 webcasts, or browse a thematic list that organizes the talks into areas such as religion, government and education.

Xpeditions (National Geographics)
Description: Through games, standard-based lesson plans, maps and more, Xpeditions helps integrate the U.S. geography standards into learning-both at home and in the classroom. The lesson plans on this site were written by educators and have been tested in the classroom.

Abraham Lincoln Lesson Plan
Lesson plan explores the decision-making process that precipitated the Civil War.

The Learning Network

Lesson plan for grades 6–8 and 9–12.

Mummies: Bodies Tell Tales
This Awesome Stories Web site mixes history and science and has enough primary resource material, including photographs, to excite the middle school brain. Topics include Inca mummies, how bodies tell tales, peat bog mummies, iron-age bodies, frozen mummies, Franklin Expedition mummies, Egyptian mummies, and King Tut.

The Valley of the Shadow
Details life in two American communities from John Brown’s raid through the era of reconstruction.

A Journey to a New Land
Follow the journey of the people who arrived in America more than 12,000 years ago. Select by primary, elementary, middle school, secondary, or post-secondary level grade levels.

National Archives
A chronicle of the government’s activities. Lesson plans and classroom activities are located in the Digital Classroom section.

Library of Congress
Site includes exhibitions, American treasures, and digitized historical collections in both audio and visual formats.

National Visionary Leadership Project
Free, Web-accessible repository of nearly 200 video oral histories and roundtables with legendary African Americans.

Organization of American Historians

Links to and information about publications, resources, and activities for teachers of history.

National Center for History in the Schools
Includes national history standards.

TimesMachine has fully digitized archives of the New York Times. Search by year or browse front pages, complete with images and ads from yesteryear—such as the sinking of the Titanic, the start of the League of World Nations, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Fascinating! The full archive is available to New York Times home subscribers only; but your local library can provide complimentary access to all New York Times archives through ProQuest.

International Education

Connect securely with students and teachers globally through this social network for learning, e-mailing, blogging, and collaborating with students and classrooms across the globe. This sight “where learners connect” has grown tremendously in the last few years to include district participation, learning in biodiversity, as well as expanding knowledge of other languages and cultures.

International Children's Digital Library
The ICDL Foundation's goal is to build a collection of books that represents outstanding historical and contemporary books from throughout the world. Ultimately, the Foundation aspires to have every culture and language represented so that every child can know and appreciate the riches of children's literature from the world community.

Roots & Shoots
Founded by Jane Goodall, Roots & Shoots is a global program that helps groups plan and implement community-inspired service-learning projects that promote care and concern for animals, the environment, and the human community. Educators, college students, group leaders, and others will find curriculum and programs to engage others in service-learning projects, campaigns, and more.

Roots creep underground everywhere and make a firm foundation. Shoots seem very weak, but to reach the light, they can break open brick walls. Imagine that the brick walls are all the problems we have inflicted on our planet. Hundreds of thousands of roots & shoots, hundreds of thousands of young people around the world, can break through these walls. We CAN change the world. - Dr. Jane Goodall

Language Arts

Classroom Connection: Teacher Network
Looking for language arts lessons? Lessons and practices given at this site are based on Colorado standards, but can be adapted for your state. The site is a teacher-led network offering tested lessons.

Children’s Literature: Lesson Plans and Resources

Lesson plans for children’s literature in grades K–6.

Reader’s Theater
Free, downloadable Reader’s Theater scripts adapted from stories written by Aaron Shepard and others.

Read. Write. Think.
Access to high-quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

Reading Rockets
Tools to help young readers.

Creative Communication
Audience: K–12
This educator-run site of poetry and essay contests offers students an opportunity to write for something besides a grade. All entries are evaluated for quality and there are no entry fees or required purchases. Contests occur several times throughout the year. See the site for comments from teachers.

Language Arts & Reading

No Red Ink
With this free site, teachers can create customized assignments to target their students’ grammar challenges. Students also may sign up and track their progress, and even customize the exercises to include their favorite entertainers, sports idols, and movies.

Lesson Planning

A to Z Teacher Stuff
This site is jam-packed with information and resources for teachers—most importantly, a directory of free lesson plans. Teachers also can link to tips on teaching, articles, and a discussion area.
Grade levels: PreK–12.

Searchable directory of free online lesson plans and resources for all grades and subjects.

Scholastic Ready-to-Go Resources
Teachers can find lesson plans by theme, subject, grade, or season to fit their curriculum. Grade levels: PreK–12.

School Mission
Lesson plans and educational strategies for all teachers, including a link to 21st Century Schoolhouse and online courses.

Lessons and activities for PreK–12 grade students in all curricular areas.

The TeAchnology site provides a vast wealth of resources for educators, including more than 30,000 lesson plans for educators of various levels and subject areas—from math and science to physical education and vocational education. The plans give the national standard covered as well as other pertinent information. Other resources include worksheets, rubrics, education news, teaching tips, and teacher tools for creating exciting classroom instruction.

The Teacher’s Corner
Primary and intermediate teachers’ resources, including lesson plans, thematic units, free printables, books, and suggested awards


Children’s Picture Books
Visit Miami University of Ohio’s academic Web site to search for books and information related to them, design literature-based thematic units for all subjects, and post your literature project. Teachers, parents, and students can find abstracts of more than 5,000 picture books and Weblinks for key words to help you integrate content and picture book resources.


Here is the site for teachers (Pre-K–12) who love children’s books. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time here, because the resources are many. This Random House site offers teacher guides, monthly planning calendar of books (or search by theme), interviews with authors and illustrators , a librarian’s section, classroom clubs , and much more.


Grade levels: Early Childhood.
Part of The Early Childhood Education Network, The Literacy Center offers safe learning activities for young children. It follows a modified Montessori approach to teaching reading with the assumption that the online lessons will be supported by appropriate offline instruction. Lessons are available in four languages.


AAA Math
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle
AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Practice is available on each topic, which allows thorough mastery of the concepts. Search lessons by subject.

Grade Level: High, Undergraduate
CPMP-Tools is an innovative suite of both general purpose and custom software tools designed to support high school student investigation and problem solving in algebra, geometry, statistics, and discrete mathematics.
Recommended by AJ

Grade level: PreK–High School
Whether needing help with homework, studying for a test, or simply refreshing your memory, this free online resource can be used by students, teachers, and parents. Find practice problems for all types and levels of mathematics, including algebra and calculus, along with calculators and notes with many examples. Free homework help is offered.

Grade Level: All
Find mathematics lessons, interactive tools, standards, and recommended Web sites for teaching and learning mathematics. Apply for the Illuminations Summer Institute, or download flyers and sign up for their monthly newsletter. Take advantage of the dynamic print tool.

Math Cats
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle
Math Cats is created for children to promote open-ended and playful explorations of mathematics concepts through online and offline activities.

Grade level: Elementary
An online resource for students to practice mathematics multiplication facts through activities and games. Additional resources are provided for teachers, parents, and students.
Recommended by KDP member Elizabeth Kim Strauss.

S.O.S. Mathematics
Grade Level: Middle, High, Undergraduate
S.O.S. is an online resource providing short explanations on mathematics topics ranging from algebra to differential equations. High school, college students, and adult learners can get help with homework, refresh their mathematical memory and prepare for tests.

Wolfram Alpha
Grade Level: All
Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that provides calculations from its own internal knowledge base, rather than searching the Web and returning links. In mathematics it shows steps along a computation process, provides sources for information, and provides details using multiple representations. Wolfram Alpha also available as an application.

Harcourt Brace Interactive Math Glossary
Audience: PreK–6
This interactive math glossary is a wonderful way for students to discover math terms visually and aurally. Definitions are linked to one another for added clarity. The use of Harcourt materials by your school is not required in order to use this website.
Recommended by KDP member Michelle Caffrey.

Mometrix Academy
Grade Level: High School
If your students are struggling to understand the concepts of Algebra I or are preparing for a standardized test, they may benefit from the free video tutorials offered by Mometrix Academy. Find fifty videos covering seven topics of the mathematics course on this website.

Equivalent Fractions

Grade Level: PreK–12 Create equivalent fractions by dividing and shading shapes, and match each fraction to its location on the number line. This would make a good learning station/center to reinforce the concept of equivalent fractions. This resource also can be downloaded as an iTunes app.
Recommended by KDP member Madeline Kovarik

Figure This Math
Grade Level: PreK–5 Sponsored by NCTM, this curriculum-supporting site helps students explore political elections and percents, guiding them to the correct response.
Recommended by KDP member Madeline Kovarik

Middle School

Middle School Resource Room
Provides middle school teachers with the opportunity to collaborate online by sharing curriculum resources for grades 6–8.

New Middle School Teacher Guide

Links to resources for new middle school teachers.


Teaching with Music
Resources, lessons, and ideas on teaching with music, particularly ESL students.

Music Notes
Music curriculum for elementary music teachers, home schoolers, or persons interested in learning to read music.

Let Freedom Swing
Audience: 6–12
Discover the relationship between jazz music and democracy with a set of three short (5–6-minute) films and a free downloadable study guide. The videos feature Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and jazz legend Wynton Marsalis. The short films and study guide will provide teachers with a fresh way of thinking about the affinities between these two American institutions. The Rockefeller Foundation underwrote this project for Teachers College, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and The Documentary Group.
Recommended by KDP member Sandy Pope.

Physical Education

PE Central
Information about developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children and youth.

Primary Source

American Memory Collection
Grade levels: 7th–12th
This section of the Library of Congress Web site offers an extensive collection of primary documents—photos, patents, political cartoons, and advertisements—pertaining to every aspect of American History. These documents are free for use in classroom presentations.
Recommended by Madeline Kovarik, professor and member of the KDP Communications Committee

Docs Teach
Grade level: ProfessionalK–12 teachers, undergraduates
This site, developed by the education team of the National Archives, provides lessons and tools for teachers to create interactive group and individual activities using primary source documents from the National Archives. It is perfect for civic and social studies education and bringing history into the present. Educators can search for documents and activities from the National Archives, customize activities, create a new activity with its own web address, and organize activities in an account to share with students.

Library of Congress
Grade level: All
Visit the Teachers Section of the Library of Congress (LOC) online—it’s your primary source source! How often have you wanted to use a primary source and didn't have enough time to look one up or investigate a site’s quality? Look no further for primary sources! The Teachers section at LOC, including Teachers Preview, is an excellent web site for resources on every subject. It also offers an educator-friendly section on how to teach using primary sources. At LOC-Teachers, you can choose categories, subjects, and much more through a drop-down search tool. or link to podcasts, webcasts, lesson plans, and other resource sites through the site menu. Get on board the LOC—it’s well worth the surf.
Recommended by Marilyn Cook, KDP Web Committee


All About Adolescent Literacy
Audience: K–12 teachers and parents
Teachers and parents can find an abundance of resources for kids in grades 4–12. Find current research and policy developments, practical advice on teaching reading and writing, and links for additional resources.

FCRR Student Center Activities
Audience: K–5
The Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) provides a free, downloadable collection of activities for use in kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms, along with teacher resource guides and professional development DVDs that offer important insights on differentiated instruction. Recommended by KDP member Nicole Titus.

Literacy Head
Audience: PreK–12
Literacyhead is a weekly online magazine for connecting literacy and the visual arts. The teaching resources make connections to visual arts, reading, and writing in an integrated lesson. Recommended by KDP member Claudia Pitchford.

Robert Munsch Books

Audience: All
This official Web site for Robert Munsch, who penned Love You Forever and many other books, would make a great listening center. Students can hear the author himself read his books, and can submit their own pictures, poems, and letters.
Recommended by KDP member Madeline Kovarik, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL.

Teach with Picture Books
Audience: PreK–5
In his blog, educator Keith Schoch shares thoughts and expertise about teaching with picture books. Readers can comment and discuss. Recommended by KDP member Madeline Kovarik.

Response to Intervention

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
Audience: All educators implementing intervention programs
This site, established by the Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education, is the Technical Assistance (TA) Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports for Response to Intervention. Its purpose is to give schools capacity-building information and technical assistance for identifying, adapting, and sustaining effective school-wide disciplinary practices. Therefore the site is a virtual library of tools and resources, including videos and a Resource Catalog where you can search by subject, resource type, or author.

RTI Action Network
Audience: Educators and Administrators implementing RTI
RTI Action Network, a program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities funded by the Cisco Foundation and in partnership with the nation’s leading education associations and top RTI experts, is dedicated to the effective implementation of RTI in districts nationwide. At this site, educators and parents can find information on the basic principles of RTI, as well as guides for large-scale implementation. Resources include an RTI glossary, parents and families section, an online community, various forms of RTI-related professional development opportunities.

RTI Wire (AKA Jim Wright Online)
Audience: PK–12 educators
Jim Wright’s one-stop directory to free, high-quality Response to Intervention (RTI) resources very well could be the first and last stop to definitions, working strategies, and academic solutions for teachers of struggling learners. Though not the most visually appealing site, its categories such as “Select the Right Intervention” and “Use Teams to Problem Solve,” make it easy to find a selection of resources that suit particular needs.
Recommended by Clinton Smith, KDP Communications Committee member and Special Education Teacher.


Audience: 7–12
BioCoach activities are online, multimedia supplemental lessons designed to reinforce what students have learned in class. The activities contain self-assessment tests at the end.

Biological Anthropology Tutorials
Audience: 7–12
This page contains 17 online tutorials about biological anthropology topics, such as classification of living things, early theories of evolution, and primate behavior. Within the lessons, vocabulary terms are provided along with an audio file for pronunciation, and each topic contains graphics as well as practice quizzes and puzzles for review of the material.

Gallant’s Biology Stuff
Audience: 11–12
A Canadian high school’s page lists all the information on topics taught in upper-level biology, including syllabi, text, and graphics.

Audience: All
This site offers current events, maps, articles, careers, and satellite images for geology and earth science.

How Stuff Works
Audience: All
This site, sponsored by Discovery, helps people understand how things work, such as computers, electronics, engines, and cars. Visitors can read articles, watch videos, or play educational games.

The JASON Project
Audience: All
The JASON Project connects students with scientists and researchers using technology and integrated, standards-based curriculum such as after-school and out-of-school activities. These projects provide mentored, authentic, and enriching science learning experience. Teachers can download some online curricula for free or sign up to join one of JASON’s integrated offerings.

Audience: K–6
KidsGeo is a geology resource for elementary students and teachers. Visitors can find songs, pictures, and video clips to help teach geology to elementary students.
Recommended by KDP member Jessica Hester.

Mars Exploration Program for Educators
Audience: All
This site offers project ideas, posters, and education programs to teach students about the planet Mars.

NASA Kids’ Club
Audience: K–4
The NASA Kids’ Club page offers activities and games to help students learn about science and space as well as math skills such as pattern recognition. The skills taught are based on national standards for each skill level.

Audience: K–5
This US Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research service page takes a behind-the-scenes look at what scientists really do, and how this science affects everyday lives. Teachers can find games, science fair projects, and links to resources.

Science Class
Find FREE lessons and online resources for chemistry and physics! Teachers, students, and even parents can access the K–12 lessons, written clearly and with illustrations.

The Science Page
Audience: All
This page contains links to science and science education sites by topic (e.g., biology, chemistry, earth science, physics).

Sumanas, Inc.
Audience: All
Sumanas offers multimedia services for educational publishing and biotechnology. The “Science in Focus” page contains presentations about science topics in the news.

The Super Science Fair Support Center
Audience: 3–8
This site lists over 1,000 science project ideas, for the classroom, science fair, or home-schooled students. Dr. Shawn and Dr. Michelle also offer project tips, report-writing tips, and supplies for sale.

The Weather Dude
Audience: K–5
Meteorologist Nick Walker provides information about weather, including weather basics, local forecasts, recommended books, and weather curriculum.

The Bridge
Audience: Elementary, Middle, Secondary
Sponsored by NOAA Sea Grant and the National Marine Educators Association, the Bridge buoys an “ocean of free teacher-approved marine education resources,” including lesson plans, research and data connections, and wide seas of professional development options. Materials are reviewed extensively. Good site for students, too!
Recommended by KDP member Marilyn Cook.

The Scientific Method Rap
Audience: Grades PreK–12 educator/teacher
Here is a unique way to teach and learn the basic steps of the Scientific Method—rap and video, with lyrics that are simple, rhythmic, and catchy. Also get a free mp3 download of The Scientific Method Rap audio track. Accompanying leveled quizzes, printable lyrics, and other educational resources are also available.
Recommended by KDP member Dana Gillis.

Siemens Science Day
Audience: Grades 4–6
Thanks to Discovery Education and the Siemens Foundation, teachers and students can access a variety of science activities that “engage and amaze your students.” Through this “learning by doing” section, teachers can find videos, tools, and revealing hands-on activities, as well as new, original experiments with intuitive directions, materials lists, and home extensions.

Social Studies

Center for Civic Education
Audience: All
The Center for Civic Education is an organization dedicated to promoting the study of citizenship. Teachers can find resources for the classroom and for professional development.

Link to Social Studies
Audience: All
Merrill Education’s site contains links to some of the most useful internet sites for social studies educators.

Special Education & Learning Disabilities

Awesome Library: Special Education
Audience: All
The Awesome Library lists resources and provides online multimedia materials for special education teachers.

GreatSchools Special Education guide for parents
Audience: All
GreatSchools is geared toward parents of children with learning disabilities, but contains information helpful to anyone who works with these students.

Standards-Based Curriculum
Common Core Math Resources
This Edutopia blog offers resources for high school mathematics teachers that will help communicate how common core will shift high school math classrooms, with example videos, articles about assessment, and lists of tech tools for educators.

Want a professional to “visit” your classroom, thereby inspiring students to envision a future college major as well as a career in a STEM profession? Nepris is an online platform that connects students and teachers to STEM professionals. Teachers make a request based on a curriculum topic, Nepris finds professionals with skills that match the teacher’s request, and professionals virtually connect with a classroom. Educators can sign up for FREE.

State-by-state STEM Education Resources

Additional STEM Activities

Student Teaching

Top Ten Tips for Student Teachers
Suggestions to succeed in the teaching environment.

ABC Teach
Classroom activity suggestions for student teachers.

Education World–Preservice Educators

Information on learning to teach, finding a job, and running a classroom.

Substitute Teaching

How to Substitute Teach
Follow these helpful hints to have a pleasant, productive day when you substitute teach and to be asked to return.

Substitute Survival: Tools You Can Use
Songs, games, lesson activities, and templates to help a sub survive even the most difficult experience!

Substitute Teaching Tricks of the Trade

Pros and cons of substitute teaching are explored and suggestions for being an effective substitute teacher are explored.

Substitute Teacher Resources
Resources to inform and to gather information from substitute teachers.

Technology in the Classroom
Best Screen Capture Software
While computers have built-in screen shot capabilities, dedicated screen-capture software is what you may need if you want quality shots, advanced editing features, and flexible capture capabilities. While the best software typically comes with a price, it’s usually reasonable in cost and comes with a lifetime license. Find the best options for use in your classroom, with pros and cons for each type.

DesignEvo Logo Maker
DesignEvo is a FREE online logo maker for creating professional logos in seconds. Make a logo for your classroom, school, club, or social media account. Find more than 3,000 professionally designed templates, 1 million icons, and hundreds of text fonts and shapes—all fully customizable with unlimited free downloads for your logos.

13 Free Web Tools Teachers and Students Should Know About
These useful and user-friendly apps help to integrate ed-tech tools into your classroom.
Audience: All helps teachers integrate technology into the classroom by offering online tools and resources. Teachers can locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics, and classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use. Available professional development resources address issues such as equity, ELL, technology planning, and at-risk or special-needs students.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Assignment Calculator
Audience: All
The Assignment Calculator provides steps for the research and writing process using intermediate due dates. This resource includes hints and “how-to” resources for each step, and reminder emails during each step of the project.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

AuthorPoint Lite
Audience: All
This free software converts PowerPoint presentations to flash, allowing users to share them easily without sending large e-mail attachments. Converted files maintain effects, sound, animation, etc.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY.

Center for Applied Special Technology
Audience: All
The CAST site defines the center and its work in making technology and universal design for learning (UDL) an integral part of teaching and learning. Teachers and administrators can use CAST's professional development and consultation services.
Recommended by KDP member Susan Trostle Brand.

Audience: All
Diigoallows users to save and access online resources, as well as create highlights and notes on the saved resources. Educators can upgrade their account and create a group login for their classroom, so that students can share resources with each other.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY.

ePals Classroom Exchange
Audience: All
ePals is an online community for schools, connecting teachers and students locally, nationally, or internationally with classrooms in 200 countries and territories. Educators can collaborate on projects with other classrooms, create classroom e-mail accounts, and find other collaborative software resources.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Audience: All
FastStone is a free image browser, converter, and editor that supports all major graphics formats. Some features include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, e-mailing, resizing, cropping, color adjustment, musical slideshow.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Glogster EDU is an online learning tool that can be used to creatively introduce any curriculum topic or lesson. Educators and students can create GLOGS—online multimedia posters—with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments, and more. Assorted pricing options are available, including a free, basic membership.

Google Apps for Education
Audience: All
Google offers e-mail and online collaboration tools geared toward the classroom. There is no hardware to maintain or software to install, no ads, and no cost for schools.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Haiku LMS

Audience: All
Haiku Learning Management System helps teachers organize their classroom and manage lesson plans. Teachers can create online lessons with articles, images, audio, and video for their class; manage discussions; auto-grade assessments; and track scores through a gradebook.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY
Audience: All allows users to upload and keep bookmarks on the web. School accounts can be set up. Links can be organized by topic, by classroom, or even by individual students.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Audience: All
Internet4Classrooms is a resource for using the Internet effectively in the classroom. Links are available for K–12, grade level help, technology tutorial, assessment assistance, on-site training, and a daily dose of the web.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Audience: All
This free software converts PowerPoint presentations to flash, generating a web-friendly format that maintains effects, sound, animation, etc.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Jing Project
Audience: All
Jing allows users to make screenshots with descriptions, drawings, and five-minute video tutorials to share instantly over the web. A free version is offered.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY
Audience: All, a web-delivered curriculum and assessment provider, helps educators create their own lessons, integrate those lessons with curriculum, and manage everything online. Additional classroom resource software is available for download.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Audience: All
Mindomo is an online resource for creating, viewing, and sharing “mind maps.” Educators can create assignments, design lesson plans, and brainstorm with students to help them solve problems collaboratively.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Audience: All
Moodle is a course management system designed for online courses and blended learning. The software is open source and free to use.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Noodle Tools
Audience: 6-12, undergraduate and graduate
NoodleTools helps guide students through the research process. Site users learn how to assess the quality of sources, create notecards, and format bibliographies in MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian style. Notecards and bibliography can be created online, saved automatically, and exported into Microsoft Word.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Audience: All
PBworks is an online collaboration tool for educators and students. It provides access to information sources, supports hosting and sharing of information between students across any distance, and allows even young students to build web pages, embed images and video, and post documents.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Audience: All
Users create poems and prose by matching works with pictures. The object is to put the right words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture. PicLits can be shared via e-mail or blog.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Scholastic for Teachers: How to Set Up Computers in Your Classroom
Audience: All
On this page of the Scholastic Teachers’ site, Peggy Healy Stearns offers advice for teachers on how to set up computers in the classroom.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Audience: All
Screencast-o-Matic allows users to make a screen capture, record video with audio (aka screencast), and upload it for free hosting without downloading any software.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Audience: All
Surv users can create online surveys and collect responses via e-mail or weblink. Users can customize question types, distribute to up to 200 respondents, and follow results in real time.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Teachers Love SMART Boards
Audience: All
Teachers Love SMART Boards provides resources for teachers who use Smart Board interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Users can read others’ comments and share their own experiences with others. Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets in 140 words. For classroom applications, see 25

Interesting ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Audience: All
A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments using voice, text, audio file, or video. VoiceThreads are stored online, and they can be exported to mp3 files.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools
Audience: All
This wikispace page, compiled by Lenva Shearing, lists web 2.0 tools particularly useful for teachers.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Audience: All Webs is a free website builder that can be accessed on slower connections. Websites created with Webs software are easy to update for novice users. Pages can be designed without graphics that take time to load.
Recommended by KDP member Shannon Rice.

Audience: All
Wetpaint is a free tool that has some of the design power of traditional web site-building tools, but incorporates the ease-of-use associated with wikis. It also offers the wiki's power of collaboration, allowing group writing, editing, and design activities.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

Audience: All
Wikis are simple web pages that groups or classrooms can edit together. Users can edit pages directly in the browser using simple text editing tools, add image and media files, and save revisions as they are added.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Audience: All
WiZIQ is a free, web-based virtual learning and teaching environment for webinars, meetings, and web conferences. No downloads are required.
Recommended by KDP member Ludmilla Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Newburgh, NY

Audience: All
Writeboards are sharable, web-based text documents that let users save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes in collaborative environments.
Recommended by AJ Edwards

CarrotSticks is an online multiplayer game that improves math skills for students in grades K–5. Kids choose the problem difficulty level and can practice on their own or compete with friends.

Creaza offers an integrated, web-based toolbox for creative work, where learners can create, publish, and share digital stories. You can use the toolbox along with various thematic universes, combining these themes with your own uploaded content.

DonorsChoose allows teachers to express to the world their classroom needs and donors to easily help fund them. Public school teachers post classroom requests that range from pencils to microscopes to musical instruments to books. Search for any school in any city in the country.

Educreations is a community where anyone can teach what they know and learn what they don't. Create and share video lessons with your iPad or web browser. Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting to produce video lessons. Finished lessons are posted, and you control who sees them.

Fun Brain has online educational games in math, science, spelling, reading, and history for K–8 students. Visit the math and reading arcade, play word games, and get sneak peeks of anticipated new reads!

Glogster EDU is an online learning tool that can be used to creatively introduce any curriculum topic or lesson. Educators and students can create GLOGS—online multimedia posters—with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments, and more. Assorted pricing options are available, including a free, basic membership.

Google Earth allows you to take a virtual journey to any location in the world. Explore 3D buildings, imagery, and terrain. Find cities, places, and local businesses. Classroom resources for educators are wide ranging. Students can take virtual field trips, study climate change, and track earthquakes in real time. Teachers can find sample lesson plans, search for projects, and involve students in real-world situations.

Interactive Whiteboard Games
is offered by PBS for educators. Students will enjoy participating in these collaborative, fun, and engaging experiences, while exploring curriculum from trusted programs such as Curious George, Super Why, and Arthur.

is a technology company that uses data to continuously personalize online learning content for each individual student. It then analyzes data about students’ performance in order to provide tailored activities for each student.

Live Binders

Audience: All
Start your 3-ring binder for the Web! You can pool your online resources and organize them easily. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process, and other binders can be viewed to get great ideas.
Recommended by KDP member Krystine Shea.

MangaHigh is a free, games-based math teaching resource, fusing computer games and academic subjects to supplement traditional pedagogy.

MasteryConnect makes it simple to share and discover common formative assessments and track mastery of state and Common Core standards. Built-in grading tools save teachers time. Teachers can assess core standards, monitor student performance, and report student mastery to parents and administrators. Different pricing plans are available, including a free, basic membership.

Open Study is a “study group,” a social learning network where students ask questions, give help, and connect with other students studying the same things.

PlanBoard offers online lesson planning, with no software to download, so you can plan and view your academic year. You can add items for each class, get a synopsis on weekly schedules, and look at an overview of your day. Planboard also allows you to integrate and track standards. Choose from Common Core Standards, Ontario Curriculums, TEKS, or create your own custom standards.

Prezi is a free media presentation tool for free-form brainstorming and structured presentation. Prezis can include text, images, video, and other presentation media. It is a great tool for general presentations, portfolios, collaborative design, and more. Recommended by KDP member Heather Cleckler.

Quizlet builds software that helps students learn. Students define what they need to learn and the tools are then provided, such as flashcards, matching, sample quizzes, and much more. It’s simple and free of charge.

Schoology helps to manage lessons, engage students, share content, and connect with other educators. Educators can post assignments, create tests and quizzes, and provide links to resources. This includes conducting online courses, providing remediation, and hosting discussions.

Slideshare offers users the ability to upload and share—on websites and social media sites—PowerPoint presentations, word documents, webinars, and PDF portfolios. Share and view lesson plans and other popular educational presentations.

Socrative is a student response system that allows teachers to engage their classrooms through educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Teachers initiate an activity by selecting it on their main screen (e.g., multiple choice, true/false), and students respond on their devices. Students’ results are visible on the teacher’s screen or sent in an e-mail.

StudySync is designed to increase reading and writing for middle and high school students. Research-based and aligned with the Common Core Standards, StudySync maintains an extensive digital library of texts, video lessons, and an online writing and anonymous peer review tool.

TeachersPayTeachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original downloadable materials, hardgoods, and used educational resources. Find PowerPoint presentations, books, printables, unit plans, and more.

TED-Ed offers teachers educational videos, similar to those from, which can easily be used as a teaching tool. Also, teachers can take any educational video and “flip it” to create a customized lesson.

TimeToast allows you to create timelines and share them on the Web. Browse from those already made, or create your own. Free of charge and simple to make for creative classroom assignments.

is a virtual bulletin board and can be used for sharing Web resources with students, parents, or colleagues. For example, encourage resource sharing and collaboration by having a class contribute to a Pinterest for one or more units. Here’s one pinterest created to share technology resources with other teachers.
Recommended by KDP member Kurt Martinson, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


SAT Question of the Day
Audience: 7–12
This site provides practice questions for the SAT.
Recommended by KDP member Krystine Shea.

Free Tests Online
Audience: PreK–12 Educator
Free math and science practice for students taking SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement, and other standardized tests. Most math quizzes allow students to compare their results with the average results of other visitors.

The Texas Center for Academic Excellence
Audience: Elementary and Middle School
This distance tutorial program offers online lessons designed to help at-risk students having trouble with criterion testing in math, reading, and language arts.