Celebration of Teaching — Service Projects

Important! Literacy Alive! is no longer KDP’s Signature Service Initiative. However, you may still submit your LA! Project for a Program Award Here.

Planning for your Literacy Alive! project is just as important as the day of the event itself. Kappa Delta Pi has the resources to help you develop your Literacy Alive! event.

Veteran KDP members may remember that Literacy Alive! was the society’s Signature Service Initiative before Celebration of Teaching. While this transition was made to address current issues in education, we still encourage chapters to host literacy-focused projects in their community.

For more than 20 years, Kappa Delta Pi has led an effort among our 40,000 members to participate in literacy activities range from a simple book drive for a community center to a literacy program at a local library to specialty projects that work with disadvantaged children, military families, and victims of natural disaster among others. The ability to read is an essential skill that impacts everyone.

Literacy is a foundation upon which an entire education is crafted. We know that a child’s reading ability (particularly by 3rd grade) directly correlates with their later success in school, work, and life. Children must learn to read so that they can eventually read to learn. It is critical that child not fall behind, as they are likely to stay behind. Unfortunately, students of lower socioeconomic backgrounds are more susceptible to this phenomenon. The effects of reduced literacy ripple through a person’s life and eventually turn to waves.

Children who fall below grade-level reading are less likely to graduate high school on time, less likely to attend college, More likely to be impoverished, and even more likely to spend time in a correctional facility. These statistics are deeply alarming, and we should all make it our mission to eradicate these precedents.
Frequently Asked Questions
With the Literacy Alive! Initiative coming to an end, can we still host literacy projects?
Yes, absolutely! While we would like each chapter to embrace Celebration of Teaching, we realize that several Literacy Alive! projects have been years in the making. Feel free to continue your Literacy-based programming for as long as you like.

Can our chapter still receive awards for our literacy project?
Yes! We will be adding a “Literacy” category to our chapter program awards, so you will still be able to receive recognition for your great programming! Exceptional projects will be recognized at KDP’s Annual Convo.

What are some examples of Literacy Alive! programs that other chapters or professional members do?
The possibilities for hosting a Literacy Alive! event are truly endless! Click here for examples of projects hosted by collegiate chapters. (coming soon)

We also have examples of projects that professional members have hosted in their local communities. Click here for summaries of previous professional member Literacy Alive! programs.

Watch Literacy Empowers, a KDP member-produced video.

Contact our Chapter Services Team at mcs@kdp.org or 1-800-284-3167