Volunteer Now

Volunteer Now

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Kappa Delta Pi. Many opportunities exist to support the organization, including the ones listed below.

Executive Council
The Executive Council provides strategic vision for the Society and oversees its financial resources. Each biennium, members vote for a new Executive Council. Nomination and application forms for serving on this prestigious group will be posted on the KDP website in November 2019. For questions about the Executive Council, please contact Tina Paris by emailing tina@kdp.org.

Program Reviewers

KDP continuously seeks active members to serve as reviewers for our financial assistance programs—specifically, the International Scholarship and Classroom Teacher Grant programs. The review process is conducted online, and reviewers are given guidelines and rubrics for scoring. Interested members can follow the links below to see reviewer qualifications for each program.
         Classroom Teacher Grant Reviewer
         Convocation 2019 Workshop Reviewer
         International Scholarship Reviewer

Editorial Reviewers
Members may review manuscripts for the Society’s publications. To learn more about the reviewer positions, download the descriptions for the individual publications below.
         New Teacher Advocate Editorial Reviewer
         KDP Record Editorial Reviewer
         The Educational Forum Editorial Reviewer

Standing Committees
Members are invited to serve on KDP’s standing committees, whose position descriptions are listed below. Each committee is made up of individuals that work collaboratively to achieve certain goals during the biennium (running July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020).
         Audit Committee Member
         Budget Committee Member
         Constitution and Bylaws Committee Member
         International Committee Member
         Leadership Development & Nominations Committee Member
         Membership Committee Member
         Public Policy Committee Member

Advisory Teams
Occasionally, KDP Headquarters enlists the knowledge, experience, and skills of members to serve on advisory teams during a biennium. Below are the opportunities for the 2018–2020 biennium.
         Advancement Advisory Team
         Convocation 2019 Planning Advisory Team
         Social Media Advisory Team

Special Projects
Occasionally, KDP Headquarters enlists the knowledge, experience, and skills of members to serve in very specific capacities. Below are the current opportunities.
         Online Course Content Reviewer
         Online Course Moderator
         Online Course Tester

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