Share the story of your Unsung Hero

You may know May 8 – May 12 as Teacher Appreciation Week.
We’re celebrating teachers this week too, but doing it a little differently. For us, it’s Unsung Hero Week.

We want to make the week meaningful for the millions of unsung heroes in classrooms around the world—the teachers who save lives, feed hungry children, prepare you for college, and so much more.

During the week of May 8–May 12, we will be sharing your stories of educators who’ve had an incredible impact on your life and career. While we will be sharing stories during this time frame, we don’t plan to stop there. These are stories that should be shared year-round.

Examples of what we’re looking for are stories about teachers who…
  • Served as a mentor to you through elementary, middle, or high school, and helped you prepare for college
  • Encouraged you to become a teacher
  • Kept you going when you thought you had reached your limit
  • Has not won awards for his or her work, but changed your life
  • Or any combination of the above.
  • And more!

Everyone has a story, and we want to hear yours!

Before submitting, please take a moment to review the following details regarding this campaign:
  • KDP Headquarters staff members will be reviewing all submissions to determine which ones will be shared.
  • Stories will NOT be posted online without the approval of the honoree, which is the reason we are requesting his or her contact information.

Use the form below to submit your story.

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