KDP Institute for Teacher-Leaders

What is iLead
The iLead conference is Kappa Delta Pi’s signature leadership program that helps you as a novice or new educator identify yourself as a teacher-leader and create your own educational vision. Through small-and large-group activities, you begin to develop your unique leadership skills and how to use them to increase your capacity for making a difference in the lives of your students, your school, and education overall.

2012 iLead Highlights
Look for more iLead conferences in 2014!

iLead is designed for juniors, seniors, graduate students, and new educators in their first three years of teaching. iLead teaches you how to:
  Identify yourself as a teacher-leader
  Build confidence in your leadership capabilities
  Define your educational vision and communicate that vision to others
  Seek out and build relationships to grow and develop your vision
  Set SMART goals to reach your vision
  Identify potential challenges to your vision and set strategies to deal with these challenges
  Apply your vision and goals with the reality of teaching today to effectively implement change in your classroom, your school, and your community.
If you have questions
  Contact Carol Paddock, Program Manager—Leadership, by e-mailing carol@kdp.org or calling 800-284-3167.