Literacy Alive! is Kappa Delta Pi’s signature service initiative that invites members to create programs and events in their communities that bring empowering literacy skills to their participants. With international impact, Literacy Alive! has been appropriately named to reflect the program’s energizing growth and tremendous possibilities!

Literacy continues to be a top priority worldwide. For nearly a decade, Kappa Delta Pi has led an effort among our 40,000 members to participate in our signature service program – Literacy Alive!

Activities range from a simple book drive for a community center or a literacy program at a local library to specialty projects that work with disadvantaged children, military families, and victims of natural disaster. The ability to read is an incredible skill that impacts everyone.

In the 2013-2014 academic year, 3570 chapter members participated in Literacy Alive!, serving 49,198 people and collecting nearly 41,000 books for distribution.

2012-2013 Literacy Alive! Winners Click here to see the 2013-2014 Literacy Alive! award winners Literacy Alive! celebrates 20 years!

There are two divisions of Literacy Alive!
The Teacher Literacy Fund and the Chapter Literacy Fund: The Teacher Literacy Fund underwrites literacy activities that are driven by an individual teacher in school systems and communities. The Chapter Literacy Fund underwrites literacy initiatives led by multiple members of KDP chapters.

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